March 10, 2011

Some Bright Moments In a Really Rainy Week

Wow! Since Carin stopped hosting the "Shoot Me" mom's back in the picture photo challenge, I realize I have slipped into my old ways of avoiding the camera. The situation is certainly made worse by the fact that I don't necessarily want anymore pictures of me than absolutely necessary as my girth seems to be growing exponentially these days. However, as I said when I joined Carin's challenge two years ago, (Click HERE to read about that) I do want my kids to know that in all this home school business I was actually here for their formative years. In an attempt to not disappear into the wood work, I am going to try (here's the big little word) to return to posting pictures of mama (that would be me) on Thursdays.

Elisabeth took this one on our date the other day.  While we were sitting in the car eating our lunch she was playing with the camera.  There were a lot of really funny ones of things like my knees.  But I don't have time to upload them all right now.  This is the good one.  Notice it actually has all of my face in it and no finger over the lens!
Sam and I too tired to do book school... we decided to read instead.  Kaitlin and I both got a laugh when I pulled out this book from when she was in Kindergarten and he said, "Wow!  That's really old."
Is there anyone who might be interested in joining me and making this a regular meme?  My IT girl could set up a Linky for us if there were some ladies who want to come along for the fun.  Regardless, in the mean time, Mama, get your camera and say cheese!

Until next week,



  1. i may be wrong, but i thought carin handed the 52 wk challange over to someone else. if you looked back at her last mom pic you might find the details?! i've never followed thru to see if its still going.

  2. Don't we go back to our old ways so quickly? Great to see you in the picture again!