March 1, 2011

We Have Run the Race

By Tuesday afternoon all the Wachters had finished the World Maths Day competition.  Everyone gathered around to watch various members to finish their race to the finish.

We answered a total of 12,520 problems in 2 days.

As an observer things were typically very quiet around here for the last two days... except once in a while when a few snippets could be heard.

Aedan (speaking of the flags that represent competitor countries):  Two people from a place I've never seen before.

Nathaniel:  It must be Bulgaria.
Aedan: 4+6, 3+2, 7+1...

Brianna (to Ellie): Leave Emma alone while she is playing.

Aedan:  1+ nothing, 7+3... Do you know what this flag is?
Than:  I got two ribbons!

Aedan (still talking about the unknown flag):  It isn't the Argentina flag because it's not blue.

Nana:  I'm sure there are lots of flags it isn't.
Nathaniel:  I came in first!

Aedan:  I beat a Mexican!
Aedan:  9...8...7...10...oops!

Ellie (looking at Emma's screen):  That's a girl.

Emma:  No, it's a boy.

Did I say it was quiet?

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