April 8, 2011

3 Down 4 to Go

Today Emma joined the ranks of our kids who have successfully underwent the application of braces.  No, Brianna has not had hers off yet... maybe by the time Ellie gets hers on?  As is Emma's style, and even with a miserable cold, she just went along with no fussing and no comment and smiled through the ordeal.  Although, she did eat a bowl of popcorn and some gooey candy last night to hold her over for the duration

Here she is before.

And during... isn't she a good sport?  When Emma was a baby, we used to say she couldn't not smile.  No matter how big the tears were in her eyes, she always had a smile.  
Of course she chose pink rubber bands and purple elastics.  Ellie liked her choice of "tooth bling"
We had to stop at Rita's for some Italian Ice to sooth the pain...
Not so bad, Mama!
So that's three down... four to go!


  1. Oh, she looks so pretty! I always have thought that braces make a person's smile look bigger, a.k.a. better.

    tooth bling?? *laughs out loud*


  2. Wow, 3 down and 4 to go! Our dentist thinks 3 of our 5 need them right now, but our pocketbook says differently. We'll do one at a time in the very near future.

    She looks beautiful with and without braces. :-)

  3. She looks so adorably cute! ♥ my little girl.

    Love you!

  4. I like her tooth bling, too!

    So sorry I have not been by in a while. I have not forgotten about you. Crazy here! It seems every friend I have is in some sort of crisis...most of them are serious medical ones. I had surgery a few weeks ago...I am trying to get my youngest thru his last year of high school...home school style. Well, that is just a little of what is happening in our corner of the world. I hear there is congratulations on the way and praise GOD for the newest little chili pepper to enter your lives.

    Love, hugs, and prayers,