April 30, 2011

A Beautiful Service

We had such a nice worship service for Easter Sunday.  Really we had two services combined into one.  The first focused on the death of Jesus and included the Lord's Supper, singing, special music, a slide show and the reading of the four Gospel accounts of Jesus Crucifixion.

Before service got underway we visited with some of our church family.  Love these little girls, who remind me so much of my girlies when they were all three little.

How adorable is this pair of sisters.  I love their contrast.   Suzanna all lean and tall.  Ella all round and cuddly.
Suzanna so dainty and ladylike.  Ella a little more on the wound up size.  Just like with my kids, it always makes me stop and scratch my head to think how they are all raised in the same home with the same standards and rules and yet the Lord gave them such distinct personalities.  Can't help but wonder how He will use these.
And then the little ones passed the camera around for a few snapshots.  Love the different perspective!
Not sure what Samuel is showing us but he seems happy about it.
Ellie seems happy too.  I'd be happier if we didn't have to see her gum.  I guess that's the cost of someone saying "Smile" to a baby with chewing gum, though.
After the first half of the service we had a little fellowship with muffins, juice and lots of hugs and giggles.  Ellie liked showing Aunt Dawn the ropes of Baptist fellowship.
Our precious friend, Miss Lorene.  She is everyone's adopted Mama and grandma.  A true southern bell and a blessing to us many times over through the years.
When I saw my friend Katie, I told her she matched my girls.  We had to take a picture, since I couldn't match them this year.
Allen got such a kick out of our friend TJ... who is very tall... sitting at the little Sunday school table with all the little ones.
Glad to have our friends Miss Gayle (blue blouse), visiting from Texas, and David, visiting from college, with us for the holiday.  Miss Dora (sitting) agrees.
I mentioned this in another post, but this picture really goes here, too.  I love looking down the row on Sundays and seeing our family worshiping together.  Sunday morning when the song leader said we will sing, "Christ the Lord is Risen Today"  I looked around Allen because I knew all the girls would be smiling at that one.  Sure enough they were trying to sing and not laugh at the same time... while thoughts of Hyacinths danced through our heads.  I wanted to remember that moment forever so grabbed the camera.  Did I ever mention how much I love having my little Canon Point and Shoot with me all the time?  I rarely miss a moment that I want to capture for posterity.  The down side is... I take So MANY pictures.  ☺
The second half of the service included preaching, singing, special music, and testimonies.

The service was followed by an extra special event for our family when Brianna joined the church in Baptism.   Details to follow in another post.
I think we all agreed this was the nicest Easter service we have ever had the privilege of being part of.  

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