April 2, 2011

Can You Believe...

~Not only was the house not trashed when we returned, the kids had scrubbed, dusted, polished, tidied, swept, mopped and vacuumed?  In fact, it was cleaner than when I left the week before.

~And they got a bunch of school work done?  All those people who complain about having teenagers need to do some serious rethinking!  I love this young adult thing.  

~After planning to take a cruise since before we were married, I got sick the day before we left and felt lousy the whole time.  Four days on the beaches of Miami, 4 nights on a cruise ship with 2 ports of call and my favorite activity was crawling into the nearest bed for a nap.  How wrong is that?  Instead of calling for room service for breakfast in bed, we called for more kleenex.

~It was 85 and humid when we left Miami.  We had sleet and snow the next day?  Does anyone happen to know it is spring?????  Can someone let some body know about that?  Where exactly are the normal 60 degree days we have this time of year?  It is April 1st, isn't it?  The bright side is, normally I can't get anyone to do school this time of year.  We are getting lots accomplished.

~The oral surgeon wants $3000 to extract Kaitlin's wisdom teeth?  How insane is that?  We're talking a 30 minute procedure.  I have delivered babies with 2 day hospital stays for less than that!  And even worse, if the dentist had mentioned it at her last check up, in September, the insurance would have covered it for free????  But now since she is 19, they won't pay a penny.

~I have not been to the grocery store... yet.  And it shows.  The kids sent me a text message begging for fruits and veggies.  We are getting the freezer cleaned out, though. Don't worry, we did get bird seed and coffee.

~Emma, the little baby who won her way into our hearts the minute she was born, is getting her braces on in two steps this week and next!  How can that be?  Where does the time go?  When did she go and grow up without telling us?  

~Ellie and Sam got married... again.  Ellie was looking at the preacher, Aedan, and Samuel grabbed her hands and said, "You have to look into my eyes."  And then when Aedan said, "You need to give her bling now,"  Samuel attached a pink bow to her pig tail.  We all cheered and ate a wedding luncheon of hot dogs(did you read that part about not going to the grocery store since I got home?) whole wheat buns, canned peaches and raw veggies with blue cheese dressing. 

What can I say, life is good.



  1. I find it hard to believe that it's 85 anywhere in the world.

    Oh my. Ellie and Sam are such a cute couple ♥.

    Love you!

  2. The picture of Sam and Ellie made me go "Oh my goodness. They are just too adorable!" :)