April 29, 2011

Easter Eggs

I don't know exactly why we color Easter eggs except that it is something that Allen and I both have fond memories of doing since we were little.  We have always spent some time doing it with our kids every year around Easter and this year was no exception.  The number of eggs has increased a bit since our early days, though.

Saturday was a very rainy day so the afternoon was perfect for such an artistic endeavor.

Since the men were at church working on a project, we thought we'd pick up lunch and join them for a while.  When we called they were just wrapping things up so instead the fellows brought home Chick-fil-A to go with our project.

We started with 5 dozen eggs.  After some experimenting with cooking techniques, we had a few less to work with.

Love the beautiful colors. 
This may look like complete chaos, but really we have it all under control.
Pa's not buying that.

Samuel was eager to give it a whirl.
Such concentration.

Aunt Dawn is super creative in EVERYTHING she does.  Definitely a more artistic approach than my dip it and dry it method.

The kids had fun experimenting with stickers to make different designs.  

Her sweater matches her egg dye.

And now I see her dye matches her shirt, too.  I think they have been reading Martha Stewart Living too much.

When I ran out of creative ideas... after 1 egg, I started playing with my camera settings.  Blue color accent is fun.

Hole reinforcements make fun dots on the eggs.
What would any post be without a few shots of Elisabeth.
Who got this coloring thing down like a pro.
Even if she did get a few blue fingers along the way.
Just love this expression.  Like she is really thinking and trying to figure out what to do next.

Of course, there were a few casualties in the process.

But in the end
We had about 5 dozen (give or take a few)

Beautiful colored eggs.
Enough for a little decorating project.
To brighten up a very rainy day.

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