April 29, 2011

Easter Pictures

Every Easter the girls and I make matching dresses and make or find some coordinating outfits for the boys.  This year, many factors influenced our decision to use the ones we made last Spring.  First off, is the insane cost of fabric.  It used to be, I sewed for the kids because it saved so much money.  The last sewing project we did cost over $300, though.  Second, everyone's outfits still fit.  Third, I didn't really want to spend time making something I would only wear once.  Emma's dress was too tight, so Kaitlin and her used fabric leftover from Brianna's dress to make a new one.  Brianna wore my dress from last year, because she wanted all the colors represented.  A friend of ours brought Elisabeth a new dress, and since it coordinated, and she really loved it, she wore polka dots.  All in all, as much as we love the tradition of sewing together the week before Easter, it was probably better to not have that diversion with all the other things going on last week.

Anyway, the morning of Easter, weather permitting, we always take pictures under the cherry tree.  Which usually reaches full bloom between the 18th and 20th of April.  This year was particularly nice, since Easter conveniently fell when the tree was in bloom.  The ground was way to wet to be under the tree but we managed just the same.

Looking through these pictures, I had to laugh at the inability to get a picture with everyone looking at the camera at the same time.  Somehow, no matter where the sun is, at least one of the boys end up squinting.  All in all, the progression of pictures, sure tells a lot about our family.

There is always something crooked or un-tucked or slipping down in Samuel's Sunday suit.  I love this about his personality.  He often reminds me of Theodore Cleaver... trying so hard but still unable to get it all straight.

Well, she's just lovely in her spring green.  I love that this vintage hat we got so many years ago for KK happened to match perfectly.  I love that she loves to wear hats.
I wasn't here for these pictures so I am not sure what transpired but this is definitely Emma's "You girls have got to be kidding look."
I can not believe how grown up my little man is getting.   It seems like just yesterday he was wearing his little Jon Jon to Easter service.
Love that Ellie was carrying her pig, Charlotte, around in this bucket all morning.  She actually took her to church like that... but Charlotte had to stay in the car because she doesn't know how to sit pretty in church yet.
And a few with Aunt Dawn.  Note that Emma has her eyes closed... Samuel is looking at who knows what... Nathaniel is in some other dimension... One can try anyway!
Well, a little better.  Seems as if Ellie smelled something unpleasant.  See Samuel's sliding socks?????
Again, I wasn't here for this one, so I have no clue what is going on with Ellie, I thought her face was hilarious, though.
Emma, did you have to close your eyes????  So close and yet... no cigar!
And despite 10 pictures of the boys... not one where you can see all of them and they all happen to be looking, not squinting and dare I say, Smiling!
Who knows...  but love the this one anyway.
Trying again.  Aedan's turn to close his eyes.
Two out of three isn't bad?
Now they said Winnie had to be in the boy picture... in case "she is a boy."
Well, they all have their eyes open, anyway.
Winnie and the girls.  Love Ellie's expression here.
And here...
This one actually isn't too bad... go figure.
And grown ups
And us

And what would life be without a picture of my belly Winnie.
Guessing you can figure this one out.
And one of Dawn and I... a moment of calm... kids are in the car... Bibles are gathered up... ready to go!


  1. Y'all look lovely! The girls' dresses are beautiful. :)

  2. Adorable! I know how it feels to try and get everyone's eyes open and looking in the same direction at one time.

    Hugs and prayers,