April 21, 2011

Here, There and Everywhere

We have had so much going on since we returned from our trip!  This week and the next few days are no exception to the trend.  I feel like I have been here, there and everywhere and then back again.  It's a good busy time, though.  We are looking forward to the arrival of our weekend company for the holiday, the remembrance of our Resurrected Lord on Sunday and something extra special to celebrate this weekend.  In the meantime, here's a brief recap of some of Mama's happenings this last week.

Wednesday afternoon, the rain stopped, it warmed up, the sun came out and so did we.  Brianna took this photo of me swinging with Elisabeth.
And this photo is just plain lousy.  Brianna thought there was something photo worthy about me eating a piece of lettuce while I was making the salad for dinner.  I wouldn't use it at all, except it is going to be my leverage when I post a very funny story about Brianna... if I ever get the time.
And this... not so good, either.  Someone took it at lunch when we were celebrating Aedan's birthday on Monday... and who knows why... but there you have it... it was Aedan's birthday and we ate pizza soup.
Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Allen and I had the privelege of attending a couples conference hosted by our church and two other Local NT churches from the area.  We enjoyed the time in Lancaster very much and found it to be a great way to reconnect with each other and some couples from our church family whom we've not had much time to touch base with lately.  The preaching/teaching/services were led by Dr. S. M. Davis.  If you have never had the honor of sitting under his teaching do yourself a favor and get some videos.  We first encountered him when he preached for a weekend at our family camp back in 1998, when we were still young Christians.  Since then, we have had the blessings of Dr. Davis visiting our church for several conferences over the years.  Many of his teachings have helped to shape who I am as a wife, mother, church member and Christian.

A friend of ours took this photo of us at breakfast one morning. 
So now, Moms, get out there, grab a camera and record some memories.

Until next week,


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