April 6, 2011

I Need To Get Me...

After lunch the other day we were having our coffee and dessert when Sam asked to be excused.  I told him to clear his dishes and then he may go.  Before the job was finished, he ran off to blow his nose.  He got distracted, as only 5 year old boys can do, and never came back.

I called for him a while later.  When he came I said, "Sam, I think you forgot to finish clearing your spot."  He quickly set about taking his dishes to the dishwasher again.  Again, he had to run to get a KIeenex before the job was finished.

I called him back again and said, "Sam, I think you forgot to finish your job."

He let our a huge sigh, that was enough to make anyone burst out laughing, and said, "Again?!  I need to get me a new rememberer."

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