April 12, 2011

Identity Crisis

Ellie gets a little confused about identity sometimes.  When she was 1 she had two Uncle Franks.... My brother and his room mate, Ben.  Who really doesn't look much like my brother but happens to be about the same build as Frank and attend the same church as we do.

Then there were our friends, the Jacksons.  For a time the whole family was referred to as Mrs. Jackson.  When she was about 2 1/2 she started calling them them as Mrs. Jackson and the Pa Jackson.  

Now that she is 3, she has started to sort it out.  We have a friend with whom Ellie shares a love of all things bling and pink.  She has no trouble with the wife.  Mrs. Rutter this and Mrs. Rutter that flows from her lips quite easily.  However, the hubby is still a stretch for Elisabeth.  She is narrowing it down a bit, though.  She doesn't call him Mrs. Rutter anymore.  Now they are Mrs. Rutter and the boy Mrs. Rutter.

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