April 7, 2011

It's Thursday Already?!?!?!

Wow and that means time for Mom pictures, again.  Funny how that Thursday seems to come around every week!

Actually, I have a lot this week since Allen took quite a few on our trip.  This one was the morning we had breakfast on our veranda to watch the sunrise over the ocean.  The show was worth getting up so early on vacation.  Because I am so short, I had to sit on the table to see over the safety rail.
Taking a tiny nap on the beach outside our hotel in Miami.  
Eating lunch at a great little hole in the wall in Mexico.
This is neither a flattering nor a good picture, but it cracks me up.  I was exercising the other night and was getting down on the floor to do some stretching.  Before I got situated (Okay, I move a little slower these days) I felt Elisabeth climbing on back for a horsey ride.  And that was the end of exercise.  ☺
Reading stories to my sick girl and her baby the other day.
And with Winnie... all 1 pound 7 ounces at 24 happy, healthy weeks and counting!  We are just praising the Lord for good report after good report.  No signs of any diabetic complications... perfect on the weight and growth scales... strong heart and kidneys... Yeah, God!
And there you have it.  Now let's see your pictures for this week.

Until next week,



  1. the picture of you and ellie (exercising) cracked me up. i've had extra 'weight' while doing situps, push ups, etc.

    you look amazing with that lil blessing inside you! i took very few pics of me preg. looking back i wish i would have, depsite looking and feeling like a baby whale.

  2. I so want to edit that first photo of you and the sunrise! :)

    Winnie is one cute kid. Can't wait to see her face to face!