April 24, 2011

Many Happy Returns... Aedan's 8th Birthday!

Rabbit:  "It's that time of year again."
Pooh Bear:  "Oh, no!  Not that time of year, again!  Exactly, what time of year is it?"

April 18th marked the celebration of 8 years with our pooh bear.
Aedan requested a pooh bear sort of celebration for his day.  I love the way the girls worked his favorite character into the table setting.
Breakfast included these strawberry and almond parfaits....
... and eggs sunny side up.
The hungry boy all ready to get on with it!
The weather was nice and so school was suspended for some outside play.  The boys did come in for lunch... hummus with raw veggies and
...pizza soup.
Of course there were presents.
The new Narnia costume Kk sewed him was, most certainly, a huge hit.
Since we had class Monday night, we postponed the birthday dinner until Tuesday night.  We offered to take Aedan out to dinner with us, if he didn't mind sitting through three hours of class.  Which he didn't.  We stopped at Starbucks first, for a little something to hold us over.
While the rest of us made our way through the New Testament, Aedan made origami flowers and stamped dinosaurs into great pictures.
And then it was off to Bonefish Grill for fish and chips.
On Tuesday night we celebrated with the family over his requested ceasar salad, baked potatoes and steak.
In the pooh bear theme, Brianna made this honey cake with adorable marzipan honey bees.  Those who love chocolate and honey would LOVE this fudgey sort of cake.
Aedan was left with the dilemma of how one can bring them selves to eat a pooh bear or honey bee, marzipan or not.
Emma Rose sums up all our feelings about our great little man... he makes our hearts sing.  His smile and wisdom lighten our every day.  We are so blessed that the Lord chose to give him to us.  Happy birthday my Joelie!

"But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day."  Proverbs 4:18

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