April 13, 2011

The Princess and the Lady Bug

Yesterday, the weather was near ninety degrees here.  A little tidbit that we were most grateful for.  Even though the kids are all still sick, we took some time to be outdoors and enjoy one of the few nice days we've had in weeks... and weeks... and weeks.  When it was time for nap, Ellie came running with a little something in her hand and asked, "Can I bring my lady bug to take a nap, too?" 

She was so sweet about it and the poor thing was already missing two legs, so I didn't see much harm in it.  I reasoned that one of two things would happen.  Elisabeth would roll over and crush the critter in her sleep, there by putting it out of its misery, or else it would take the opportunity to get away while Ellie was in lala land..  

When she woke up I asked how the lady bug was doing and with complete shock Ellie exclaimed, "She's gone!"  Not seeing any lady bug remnants around her bed, I surmised that she had made her break for it while my girl was getting her beauty rest.

Then again, maybe not.  As I was waking up this morning, there was a shout from across the hall.  I made my way to the girls' room where Ellie was pointing and saying, "There's my lady bug... get her, please!"

Sure enough, there on the floor, upside down lay the little insect.  I snatched her up, declared her dead and handed her to the smiling princess, who wanted to know if she could keep her.  A dead pet is an easy to care for pet.  "Sure thing!"  Don't you love saying yes to your kids once in a while?

So we found this match box for her to live in.  The lady bug came to breakfast.  Would you know she didn't eat the strawberries or yogurt Elisabeth offered her? And then the pair went of to help Pa in his office.
A few hours later, I came into the office and asked about the Princess and the lady bug.  Allen said, "She's right here,"  pointing to a now empty box.

What do you know?  The little critter was still alive and had crawled out of the match box and was making her way across the office floor when Elisabeth plucked her up and dropped her back into the box...just before asking if she could have a pink lady bug next time.

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  1. She.....is.....PRECIOUS! Good luck on finding that pink lady bug!