April 23, 2011

Say Pa...

Brianna hates this story but it is so funny to the rest of us... I'm going to share it anyway.  And I did post the lettuce picture she liked so much... which I thought was horrid... so we are even now.  ☺

Wednesday afternoon, a state trooper appeared at my door.  I have had police officers show up at my door a handful of times over the years, and it always makes my heart stop.  I quickly surmised it couldn't be bad news about Allen because, even though he was away on travel, I had just spoken with him minutes before.  I braced myself and asked if there was something I could help him with.

It didn't ease my nerves any when he offered no explanation but just asked if I'd been home all day.  I explained that I had and his next question brought my heartbeat back to normal.  He wanted to know if I'd observed anyone at my neighbor's house.  I explained that I had been busy around the house all day and had not been out doors or near a window but that my children had been playing outside most of the afternoon.

In answer to his request to speak with the children, I grabbed my flip flops and lead him to the back yard.  As we approached the playground I called for the kids who made their way around to us.  Brianna, not wearing her glasses, was a little behind the others and came running while shouting at the top of her lungs, "Pa, can we have a trapeze?"  The look of shock on her face when she realized the officer was not her Pa was priceless.  Almost as good as that incident at staples when she was 2.

Of course, we had to tease her the whole night and most of the next day about it.... because we wouldn't be Wachters if we didn't.

All joking aside, though.  As it turns out, our neighbors house was burglarized in the middle of broad daylight.  That might make some people nervous, and it does give me pause, as well.  However, one can not help but wonder how the Lord will use this for good.

We have tried to befriend these neighbors since they moved across the street back in 2005.  They aren't mean or nasty or anything like that, but despite our repeated efforts to reach out to them, they have never reciprocated in any way.

It seems that the kids did notice the strangers and their vehicle across the street yesterday afternoon and were able to articulate a description of the car, the passenger and the time frame to the police officer.  That's what happens when you have boys who have been reading Motor Trend since their potty training days.  They notice all the vehicles that happen around and by and in between.  The trooper relayed this information to the neighbors and its source.

In turn, for the first time in 6 years Mrs. S. came knocking at my door and spent 30 minutes catching up and eventually we were chuckling together as we shared neighborly advice concerning stink bugs.

What someone intended for evil, may the Lord truly use for good.

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