April 28, 2011

A Very Wet Visit

I am combining my Mama photo post for this week with our visit with Aunt Dawn.

We were blessed to have our friend Dawn join us for the long Easter weekend.  We bribed her into coming by telling her the weather might be better than Ohio.  Turns out that was only half true.  ☺  Still we had a wonderful, though far too short, visit and a beautiful celebration of our Lord's resurrection.

A house guest was great incentive to get to our spring cleaning earlier than normal.  Although the gardens are suffering neglect, the rainy weather was very cooperative to the cause.  And we did get one nice weather day to get a few outdoor chores done as well.  Of course there was shopping and cooking to be done in preparation.  But we were glad to have our work out of the way when she arrived on Friday and we sat down to a dinner of Easter Pizza.

A last minute errand popped up for our worship on Sunday so we headed out into the pouring rain after dinner.  Our efforts were rewarded with a stop at Starbucks for dessert.

After a video and the kids were tucked in bed, we sat up way too late catching up on news.
Saturday dawned with yet more rain.  When Dawn found out the weather was in the 80's and sunny in Ohio, I think she may have begun questioning her timing for a visit.  The guys were called away on church business.  Despite being grumpy at losing my men on Saturday, we found some activities to occupy us through the morning.

Stories with Ellie

Making a dish for Easter dinner

Catching up on Southern Living
Making baskets for the kids

Stuffing what seemed like a million plastic eggs... we sampled a few treats, too.

When the fellows were finished with their work, they brought home lunch
 And we dyed Easter eggs.
 And used a few for a quick decorating project.

The sun actually came out Saturday afternoon for a spell.  We wandered the yard a wee bit, through muck and mud and even squeezed in a baby size walk.

Saturday evening, Allen and I had to pick some friends up at the airport, so Dawn was on her own with the kids.  I understand leftover Easter Pizza and Cinderella were involved in the deal.

Never mind our promise to head to bed early, we sat up late chit chatting about nothing in particular again Saturday night.  That's what we always end up doing, so I don't know why we pretend we will do otherwise.

 I love this corsage I found on my night table.  We never did locate a pin so I could wear it to church on Sunday, but it is still looking gorgeous on my windowsill in the kitchen.  (Than took this photo. Doesn't it look beautiful?)

Sunday morning dawned warm and sunny, much like I imagine it was when Jesus disciples went to find his tomb empty.  With everyone neat and pretty we took a few pictures before heading out to worship Sunday morning.  It was way too wet to take pictures under the cherry tree, as we normally like to do.
 Last Spring I had taken some updated photos of Dawn and the kids for our hallway.  They looked great.  But when I printed them they were grainy.  I tried printing them again with the same results.  A little investigation, and we discovered my camera setting had been inadvertently changed.  There was no way to blow them up and make them look good.
 So I was really happy to get some good ones this time.  
 Our worship service was a wonderful celebration... I'll talk more about that in another post... too long for this one... really it was two services combined.  In between we had a little time for fellowship over coffee and muffins.
 Of all the time we spend together, my favorite times are those worshiping and sharing what the Lord's been doing in our lives.  When the music leader directed us to open to Christ Has Risen Today (sorry its an inside joke) I knew there would be some giggles down the row.  I looked around Allen to see just what I expected... lots of smiles on Dawn and the girls' faces.  I remembered how much I love looking down the row on Sunday mornings and seeing my family praising together.  So here's a picture to remind me in the future when our row is a lot shorter.
 After lunch the sun had disappeared and made way for more storms.  We were left to occupy ourselves indoors for a while longer.  Cards, magazines and some naps were the order of the afternoon.  I love this photo of Sam and his Aunt Dawn.  Don't they look like blood kindred?
 As the time for our dinner guests to arrive approached, Allen and Dawn were assigned to hide those billions of eggs, while I put the last touches on the meal.
The pansies Dawn brought for our garden made the perfect centerpiece for the dining room table.  Don't worry Dawn.  We had a break in the rain and now they are happily planted under the front window.  

 A good dinner, another late night of chatting and all too soon Monday morning was here and the time had arrived for us to say goodbye again.

That's the worst thing about our visits... they always have to end.   

Until next time,

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  1. Kat,

    So sorry I have missed stopping by but I love the visit you shared today! You and your family still look amazing as always!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat