May 12, 2011

A Day Late

Here it is Friday and I am just now putting up my Thursday post.  In my defense, I did try to do it yesterday but I couldn't access blogger.  My very disgruntled-blogging-daughter tells me its been up and mostly down all week.  Not that I would have known, since I haven't been around to look at  my blog since last week.

But here it is a day late and better late than never?

We start with Saturday night.  We had very nice weather, for the second Saturday in a row! We spent the day working in the yard and getting things done in the gardens.  After dinner we took the kids to get balloons and ice cream.  Brianna took this one of me.

We have been blessed with nice weather several days in a row this week.  After such a long and miserable cool and rainy spell, we are so glad to be outdoors.  We have accomplished no school but done tons of stuff in the gardens and yard.  Getting the pool ready to open and just hanging out and enjoying the goodness while it lasts.  (Which was until this morning.)

Wednesday morning, was warm and sunny and just perfect for some fun with balloons and the camera.  We spent hours taking pictures and goofing around.  Brianna took this one of Elisabeth and I.
And then after lunch we planted.  Ellie found some pink flowers in a gardening catalog a few months ago and asked could we grow them.  We placed the order along with a large order of shade plants for Emma's secret garden.  I don't know why it took so long but they happened to arrive Wednesday morning.  Elisabeth was so excited.  We had to plant them before her nap.  Of course they look nothing like plants yet... just some little dirt and roots.  So, she carried the catalog around with her the rest of the afternoon showing everyone what her plants were going to look like.

We had so  much fun working on Emma's garden through the afternoon, that we completely lost track of time.  I was thinking how I was so tired and needed to sit down when Allen called and we discovered we'd been working there for four hours!  Oh, glorious gardening days!
That meant we had just one hour to clean up, shower, make dinner for the boys and babysitters and be ready to leave the house.  Don't ask me how but we did manage to do it.

So Wednesday evening we went to our local library where the girls help out.  The board held a beautiful tea to recognize their volunteers.  Everything was lovely with the china, little cakes, finger sandwiches and scones.  Allen even got home from his business trip in time to pop in.
We all agree there is nothing particularly flattering about this last one, except that it was a great moment we will giggle at for a long time.  The girls and I enjoyed watching the Love Comes Softly movies on rainy days last summer.  For Christmas we gave them the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman series on DVD.  Since then we have been staying up way too late many nights to watch it after the boys go to bed.  It usually involves grapefruits and popcorn, too.  Truth be known, I usually watch the first half and then fall asleep for the second half.  Thus, I have seen only half the series.  Sometime, I will have to watch the middle to the end of each episode to find out what happens.  

One night this week, we curled up together (it was chilly, thus all the blankets) and with a few sighs and tears we watched the last episode.  Which really wasn't all that great... judging by what I saw of it anyway.
So there you have it.  A few moments from my sunny-at-last week.

Until next week,


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