May 18, 2011


Greetings from very rainy and cold Boston.  I am beginning to think it always rains here.  This being my third trip, I can only think of one day it hasn't rained.  So for all of you who were wondering, "Where did that crazy lady get to?"  Now you know.  Allen asked me to accompany him on one last business trip before Winnie makes her arrival.
The kids saying goodbye from the hill on Monday morning.  It was international day.  They all learned to say goodbye in their respective countries language.
And the bouquet Nathaniel gave me.
And speaking of Winnie... no we don't know if she is a girl, or a boy for that matter, but we had to pick one or the other... Brianna is in the process of setting up a giveaway for those who want to enter their guesses.  Details to follow shortly.  In the meantime, we have reached 30 successful weeks and this little one is certainly making her presence known lately.  She is weighing in at a nice average 3 pounds and more active everyday!  Here is a recent photo for those who are just dying to get a glimpse.
I wish you all could see how amazing these 4D images are.  The scan really makes it look grainy.  I have never seen a 4D of one of our babies so when this photo appeared on the giant monitor it took my breath away.  No, her head is not pointed... that's a shadow.  There are indicators that she might be a he.  When they did this ultrasound, that foot you see in the forefront was repeatedly kicking her forehead with her big toe.  So, while she won't have a pointed head, she may be born with a dent above her eyes.

Anyway, back to Boston.  So here I am working away while Allen does whatever it is is they do or don't do in all those meetings.  My girl friend had her baby yesterday (Congratualtions Ben and Krystal on the arrival of Zoey... I can not wait to meet her.  Winnie is thinking how cool of you to have a girl so she can have a play mate... I can't believe you picked the week I was out of town!!!!  And Ben, why have you not sent pictures, yet????)  I was thinking it would be a blast to do some shopping and get something girlie from Boston.  I know you are in shock... me shopping... by choice????  But who wants to wander around town in sandals and capris in the pouring down rain when it is 48 degrees?  Do you think these people know about spring?

But it is probably for the best because my goal on this trip was to catch up on all the writing I have been promising and not getting done, finish previewing a book, and catch up on a pile of correspondence and email.  None of which would be getting accomplished if I was out wandering around.

Oh, did I mention, study for that last pesky final hanging over my head?  This semester our Old Testament class covered Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah, Lamentations, Nahum, Habakkuk, Hosea, Zephaniah and a review of the United Kingdom books.  Even though, this is our second time through this semester, it has been very informative and we both agree we learned so much more by coming through again.  It is a lot of material and I would be less than truthful if I didn't say how overwhelmed I feel by the idea of the exam.  If you still haven't looked up a class in your area, I again urge you to click over to Faith Bible Institute and find a school near you so you can pay a visit for the first or second class of the fall semester.  Brother Yates has an amazing faith and understanding of the Bible both of which are contagious.  You will be challenged to grow in ways you never thought possible.  

Oh, I wandered a little, again.  Big surprise, eh?  So Allen asked me to make this trip with him.  As much as I love the idea of 10 hours alone in the car with such a cute fellow, I wasn't so keen on sitting for 10 hours straight.  My back can't much hold out for a church service these days.  But he made the deal irresistible by suggesting we stop in Connecticut to have dinner with friends.

Our plan was to arrive by 4 and spend a few hours before heading to Boston in time for Allen to make his meetings first thing Tuesday morning.  The best laid plans, however.  We left Maryland a beautiful sunny 73.  By the time we got to Pennsylvania we were in the midst of rain, often down pours.  Then there was an accident, slow moving traffic and a forty minute detour.  Our four o'clock arrival became a 7 o'clock arrival.  Allen and I were feeling terrible about keeping the family waiting so long.  But what did our gracious friends do?  Instead of us taking them out to dinner as we planned, Nara Paula

 made us an amazing home cooked meal with all my favorites like a beautiful salad with fresh asparagus and red potatoes, lots of fresh berries and a delicious dish of chicken and rice.

 We had a lovely time in their charming abode for an evening of laughter and fellowship.  I can't remember the last time we laughed so much.  And nothing was burned.
Leonardo and Nara told us the funny story of  how  two times in a row they had  their Italian friends in for dinner.  They were all having such a good time visiting they burned the dinner.  The next time the couple came, they brought a fire extinguisher.  Here Leo Sr. is demonstrating for us what could happen.  

  We had so much fun we didn't leave until shortly after 10 PM.
Leo Jr... getting a little silly after we kept him up too late.  Which is what always happens to the poor fellow when we get to talking.  I think I have seen him sleeping more than I've seen him awake!

 Our only complaint was the lack of frog legs and snails.  But just to show there are no hard feelings, you can cook for us next time we are passing by your way.  Seriously, thanks for a fabulous evening, friends.

So I am working on all those things I've been promising lately and hopefully will have lots of good stuff for you shortly... including those recipes for pop corn topping, cinnamon apples and fruit crisp... home school info, parenting questions and finance articles.  Oh, and those waiting on follow up to your emails... I have good intentions.

In the meantime, pop over to Brianna's blog for a great giveaway she is hosting in conjunction with a little party to celebrate her blog's anniversary.  Warning... she will make you think on this one.

I was wondering if anyone else noticed the improvement in hotel beds the last few years?  It used to be I couldn't wait to get home to my own bed after a night in a hotel.  But the recent wave of premium mattresses and linens leave me thinking I need to get home and buy a new mattress.  Whoever you are out there that is responsible for such a change... a million thank yous from the bottom of my heart.

One last little bit of business for my boys.  Pa and I want you to know that all your critters have enjoyed the trip so far and behaved themselves very nicely for the ride.

They particularly liked the shrimp pizza from Bertuccis.  I was glad they suggested Pa take us to Starbucks for dessert last night.

I miss you all so much and look forward to seeing you Thursday night or Friday morning.  I trust you are having fun with the girls.  It is such a blessing to your Pa and I to know that you will be responsible and obedient for your sisters in our absence so we can have these special times together.



  1. I had to smile when you mentioned the change in mattresses! I completely agree...and so do my parents. In fact, about a year ago they decided they loved the hotel bed they slept in so much that they called the hotel and ended up ordering the same mattress!

  2. Hi, Kat~

    Much love and ((((hugs)))) to you, my friend! You are looking RADIANT!
    I pray that you are all doing well.

    Winnie is BEAUTIFUL! :> )


  3. Nice to read what you've been up to. I wish you many blessings!! {sorry I haven't visited in awhile, I've been pretty busy} Have a nice week!! ♥ Amy