May 7, 2011

How to Get a Shelf

 My kitchen has very inefficient storage space.  I am always looking and figuring and trying to find ways to make it work better... without remodeling the whole place, that is.

For a number of years I have been wanting Allen to build a shelf to go under a short cupboard we moved when we had to replace the refrigerator and discovered that the Frigidaires built in the 1970's are a lot shorter than those sold in 2002.  It's not that he didn't want to do it or that he couldn't do it.  He thought it would look funny.

The week before last, I was doing some spring cleaning when my good hubby finished work for the day.  He asked how he could help.  My mother didn't raise a fool.  When someone offers help, I jump on it, especially where spring cleaning is concerned.  I handed him a sponge and some all purpose cleaner and told him to clean all the appliances, canisters, knife rack and other items on the counter top and then scrub the counter top and put it all back.

He was just about finished when I moved something that reminded me of the shelf above the toaster oven.  I suggested that I could find someone else to finish his job if he could build a shelf.

Wouldn't you know, he set to work right away.
 Nathaniel caught the idea of getting out of spring cleaning and joined in the project, too.
And by dinner time, I had a shelf ready to paint.  Even Allen thought it looked fabulous and was a great addition to the space.
The moral of the story is... If you want something done, just ask your hubby to join in the cleaning.  ☺

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