May 5, 2011

Shoes, The Back of My Head and Coconut Ice Cream

It's Thursday and time to review Mama's week.

We start with me trying to decide which shoes to wear with this dress.  This was actually taken last Sunday but with the other choices, I thought it would be nice to have at least one decent photo for the week.
And I am guessing Ellie had the camera?  I know I was putting groceries away last Thursday night.
This was at the creamery on Saturday.  I think Brianna must have taken it?
And I know Allen took this one of me eating some really good coconut and almond ice cream thing.  Don't worry, I shared it with Allen and Aedan.
And that's all folks.  What do you have to report for the week?

Until next week,



  1. So what shoes did you decide on? ;-) You are looking so beautiful in your pregnant state. I am trying to remember how much longer you have now.

    Thanks for all your sweet encouraging comments of late!

  2. dear Mama Moments,

    You look beeYOUtifull!! I have missed coming over here for a while. Life is like that sometimes.
    Hope you are enjoying these wonderful weeks of 'waiting'.

    Seeing (and praying for)
    "Ladies in Waiting"