June 30, 2011

36 Weeks

Pass me a paper bag.  I think I am hyperventilating.  And don't ask me why.  But the realization that this baby will be here in a few weeks all of a sudden seems overwhelming.  I am dying to meet her and hold her and kiss those feet that are under my ribs all night, but it's been FOUR years since we had a newborn in the house.  Somehow it seemed like the changes and transitions were easy when you had to extract one from the crib and car seat to move in the next one.  Versus starting over, I mean.  I can't even find a onesie in this house.

I saw a mother the other day lugging around the diaper bag and infant seat and thought, "That will be me soon."  And then in complete shock.  "THAT WILL BE ME SOON!"

And I am wondering what happened to all those things I needed to get done before she arrives?  My school planning for next year... a scrapbook... a quilt... planning our annual vacation and a trip to Disney World... the list goes on and on.  And none of it is done!  Not to mention that my house is a disaster, what with all this resting and napping business going on all the time.  How does nine months pass so quickly?

It's not the diapers or the sleepless nights (we usually have our little ones sleeping through the night when we bring them home or shortly there after) that make me anxious.

It's the changing dynamics in our family.  I go through this every single time.

I am just not a girl who takes well to change.  The thought of a new comforter took me days of deliberation before I could rest easy.

I just like things the way they are.

I like to call it contentment.

Once that baby gets here, I can't ever for the life of me, remember why I had that clenching pain in my chest or how our family ever lived without this little person.  But right now... it's kind of hard to breath.  ☺

And I know baby is getting close because the infant car seat is floating around our house once again.  Elisabeth saw it after her nap the other day and said, "Who's going to sit in there?"  I explained that was the baby car seat and Winnie will sit in there.  "It was yours when you were a baby," I told her.  "I know," she said, "I came in it."

Glad to know she has it all figured out.

Anyway, at 36 weeks we were thrilled for another excellent visit with my specialist on Tuesday.  The Lord has answered so many prayers during this pregnancy.  Number one being able to control my glucose.  It has taken an estimated 3000 (yes you read that right three thousand) needles, lots of hypoglycemic episodes, way more weight gain than I am comfortable mentioning and a very carefully monitored diet over the course but we are seeing great rewards.  As I have mentioned, the doctors continue to report no signs of side effects or any complications that are typical concerns for those with type 2, also know as pre-gestational, diabetes.

In fact, in answer to prayer number 2... One of the most common side effects is a baby that is larger than normal bringing about 2 common complications.  A difficult delivery that usually results in a c-section and/or because of babies advanced size a placenta that can not sustain baby therefor a high rate of still birth after 37 weeks.  We have prayed that baby would stay small and strong allowing me to carry her to term.  As of my check up yesterday, baby weighs an estimated five pounds 9 ounces placing her in the 25th percentile for her gestational age.  That translates to a great size and an answered prayer.

And because of the risk of carrying a baby too large or the increase of loss following 37 weeks, specialists in the area of diabetic obstetrics typically induce labor as standard treatment at 37 weeks.  Our third prayer is that we could carry until term allowing labor to come in God's timing.  Again, the Lord has answered this prayer.  As of yesterday, Dr. H volunteered to allow me to continue until 39 weeks since everything is looking so good and baby is such a great size.

Now, our prayers are this.  That labor would come on naturally before that magical date (July 19th) and  that I would be able to labor and deliver with my OB of choice.  While the other 2 doctors in the practice are competent doctors, Dr. A meets all our criteria with the mentality of a midwife but the credentials of a doctor who can deal with the high risk delivery of a diabetic baby and the possible postpartum complications.

And one more small thing, very small compared to the others, I could use some rest!  With the exception of an odd night here or there, I have not been able to sleep well for the last nine months and I am thoroughly exhausted.  Allen was teasing me the other day when I laid down before lunch and then again after lunch.  Then I had to lie down while dinner was cooking and promptly announced at the end of the meal that I was going to bed.  But that's how tired I really am.  I really don't know what kind of shape my family would be in right now if I didn't have the girls helping out with cleaning, laundry and cooking.

So if it is not too much to ask... would you keep those things in your prayers for the next few weeks?

Last, but not least, here is my mom picture for this Thursday.

Until next week,

Kat and Winnie


  1. I hope everything goes well, like you want it. I'm praying.


  2. Isn't it comforting to know that God is in control of ALL things even down to the littlest detail, no matter what statistics say!! God knows how many hairs are on your little baby's head, amazing!! I do wish these things for you as mentioned and some much needed rest, you look marvelous!! Thank you for always stopping by my blog, you are my #1 visitor and such an encouragement!! Thank you!! ♥ Amy

  3. I came across your blog after reading a comment you left over at Lynette Kraft's blog. I noticed you mentioned Bro. Yates in the comment, and I thought "She knows about Bro. Yates!" lol... I was just so excited. I alwasy try to explain to people about how amazing sitting under his teaching is! I'm so glad I saw that comment because it is a blessing being able to come across your blog! I definitely look forward to reading it!

    -Also, I'll be praying for you and the baby, and that the Lord's will will be done!!

    -Many Smiles!

  4. I am so glad to hear things are going well for you and baby- I was really excited when I read you were expecting :o).

    I hope that you will have a chance to share your newborn techniques (like how you are able to have baby sleep through the night so soon!!) We are expecting our first baby around Sept 10 and while we are very excited I am also a little nervous! You seem like a fantastic mother so any advice you can give would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  5. I've been thinking about you.. knowing it's almost time for Winnie.
    The biggest gap between our kids is about 16 mos, so we barely got out of the 'baby' phase, before we re-entered it. But i still remember the same feelings that you expressed. then once the little one arrived- it all worked out, and i felt silly for feeling that way.
    (i blame it on hormones and lack of sleep) :)

  6. Sweet Kat~

    You and your precious family are in my thoughts and prayers. Take comfort in knowing that our GOD IS IN CONTROL!

    I am so glad to hear that everything has gone well during your pregnancy. I pray that all will continue to go according to God's will!

    Love you bunches~