May 26, 2011

Annapolis, Hotels, and a Wedding

This post was scheduled to publish for Mama's pictures Thursday May 26th, but some computer trouble put a stop to that.  My motto these days is:  Better late than never!

Last weekend we had a wedding in Annapolis.  Instead of making the 90 minute drive 4 times, we decided to stay in town overnight and make it a little family weekend get away.

We took the kids to tour the Maryland State House on Friday afternoon.  Of course the canon drew immediate attention from the boys.
  Note:  Here's a mom picture for the week.  (Yes, I missed last week.  I went to put it up and after spending most of the week away, I had no pictures of me to post.  The kids made up for it on Friday and Saturday with way too many.)

Everyone had to take turns standing on the spot where George Washington resigned.  Elisabeth wasn't sure what all the fuss was about.
After some history lessons, we walked down town for a while and spent a little while on the waterfront.  It took us some time but we finally got organized
so Pa could take a picture.
The girls found a hat shop they just had to check out...
While the rest of us had a snack.
The girls were most excited about the wedding events, but the boys were delighted to be staying in a hotel.  I love this view.
Ellie thinks that only purpose for hotels is sleeping.  First she jumped into one of the beds in the kids room.  Then she came to our room and jumped in one of the beds.  She was shocked when I told her she didn't have to stay in bed and so finally I just told her she could stay there if she wanted to.  Which she did.
 The boys did a great job of using their grown up manners at the rehearsal dinner.
 And didn't they look handsome, too.
 Samuel wanted to know why he didn't get a separate salad fork like he does at home.

It was a treat to visit with friends we've not seen in a long time, like the grooms Mom, Maggie.
Ellie so happy to have her Pa back after a week away.
After dinner the boys had enough of that sitting still business.  They went to watch a video while we took a walk in the beautiful night air.
I swear Elisabeth reminded me so much of Eloise At the Plaza.  Brushing her teeth...
 jumping in bed...
 making tea...
 All took on a grand new excitement.  We had a tea party while we did our morning study.
 And while we dressed, Elisabeth and Charlotte entertained themselves going between the kids room and our room.
And all that excitement before she ever discovered the breakfast buffet!  I had to laugh at her choices.  A nice well balanced breakfast of fresh berries, orange juice, a hard boiled egg, milk and... fruit loops.  Go figure.
Fortunately, for me, she decided they were more fun to play with than to eat.  She bit enough loops in half to decorate the outside rim of her bowl.  Artistic, eh?
Brianna was only interested in mapping out our morning.
Which turned out not to be much of anything.  We decided to take it slow and that left just an hour before we had to be back at our hotel to dress for the ceremony.  Allen suggested we check out a nearby state park.  It was a few minutes drive so by the time we got there, we only had 45 minutes.  After discovering it would cost us $45 to get in (Ummmm... that's $1 a minute) we decided to find another way to spend our 45 minutes.  The kids didn't want to leave without something to show for their morning, however.  Brianna took lots of pictures as we headed back to the highway.  I think there are some deer in there some where. 
 We ended up by the pool at our hotel for a little run and a little sit for those of us who do a lot of that right now.  (Note:  mama picture for the week.)
Troops lined up for inspection... to make sure everyone is wearing the right suit and all.  No joke.  When we were getting ready to leave for the rehearsal dinner, I checked the kids over to discover Aedan squeezed into a pair of slacks that belonged to Samuel... who is about half his size.
 The ceremony took place at the Marina overlooking this gorgeous view.  The Lord was really smiling on this day.  I can not think of a Saturday for months that it wasn't raining.  But look at this gorgeous blue sky!

The girls and I were crazy for the detail the bride added to her train with this inset pleat and beaded detail at the waist to match the color in her bridesmaid dresses.
 And some people might have really liked this cake topper.
 To see this couple wed was such a joy to us.  For one thing, it seems no one gets married any more.  They always say they are waiting.  (Waiting for what I've not figured out since they live together, own homes together and even have children together, but never seem to get around to making it official.)  For another, Brady has been like a brother to Allen and I since we were all crazy and young.  To see him find true love in such a lovely lady and perfect match is just such a blessing.
 I love the way they mixed the formal and simple to make a just right statement in both the ceremony and the reception.  Check out these gorgeous centerpieces in mason jars.  Imagine big band music was playing in the back ground. 
 Some photos while we waited for everyone to be seated.
 Ellie was so happy to have her Pa back home.  She barely left his lap or arms the entire weekend.
 And our precious darlings.
 the lovely ladies
 and trying so hard to be gentlemen!
 Ellie spent some time attempting to take pictures of Allen.
 I love this duo.  I can not believe how grown up my Samuel is becoming!  Wearing grown up suits and all.
 My girls... yes, they include Winnie in that group.
 And what more could a girl ask for than a bunch of handsome fellows like this group to escort me through life?
After a couple of beautiful days, some good laughs, a few happy tears, delicious food and lots of hugs to make up for our week away, we were ready to head back home for real life.

Congratulations, darling friends and many wishes for a lifetime of joy as you face the trials and victories of life together.



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  1. Oh, that looks like so much fun! And I LOVE the bride's wedding dress!!