June 21, 2011


Don't you love balloons? 
    I sure do.
Even my big kids still get excited about them.
Periodically, sometimes for a special occasion, and sometimes for no reason at all, we go to the party store and each get a balloon.
One Saturday in May, after a hard day's work, we went for ice cream and balloons.  
A few days later, the sun was out and the weather was fabulous and we spent the morning playing outdoors with balloons and my camera.
We took hundreds of photos between the lot of us.
We were really stretching our minds trying to think of different ways you can photograph a bunch of kids with balloons.
There was a little breeze that made it challenging and fun.
Of course, sometimes keeping Ellie in one place for any length of time can be both fun and challenging, too.
I love, love, love, the shadows in this one.
We had to take a break when the UPS man pulled up.  
But don't worry, they all came back.
Good thing the shed was there, or they would have all gone over the side.
Just teasing.
We played around a bit more
and I thought a bit about balloons.
I remember when I was in grade school, 
we launched balloons with our names and addresses attached to the string.
What a magnificent sight that was.
Three hundred balloons, all soaring into the blue sky at the same time.
Of course, these days there is likely some environmental act which makes things like that illegal.
I love the story of Eeyore and the balloon.
I can't hear a balloon pop or see a spent balloon without thinking of that balloon and useful pot.  For a pessimist  that was such an optimistic way to look at the whole thing.
So everything was going along beautifully, until Ellie got tangled up in her strings.
And while she was trying to get untangled, a beautiful pink and a peaceful white balloon took off into the sky.
She was beside herself in a way, I'd never seen before.  Completely inconsolable.
Until we told her the balloons were going up into the heavens.  "With Gussie," she said.  And how can you argue with that?  She began to giggle with sheer delight.
After a few weeks,  most three year olds would have forgotten those balloons.
But not Elisabeth.
This week my friend's baby went to be with Jesus.  
When we explained it to the kids, Ellie said, "She got a ladder and jumped up and grabbed the string on Gussie's balloon to go up to Heaven."
And how can you argue with that?

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  1. Ellie is so precious! What sweet pictures of the all the children with the balloons.