June 16, 2011

Don't Read This... Pa That Means YOU!

The kids have been working on a Father's Day gift for a number of weeks now.

Trying to do anything around here, without everyone knowing what you are doing, is near impossible.  A surprise for Pa is the hardest of all. Normally, he wouldn't notice an elephant in the living room, but try and do something without him knowing about it... He is so bad about trying to find out what is going on.

And this one has been particularly trying.  One glitch after another has made it so frustrating!  This gift involved trips to the hardware store, some building and painting.  All of which make it even more a challenge. When you have nine people in 1800 square feet where do you hide something BIG while the paint dries without Pa noticing?  We thought we had it, when we took the project behind the barn to paint it.  And we almost made it.  For more than a week it completely passed his notice.  Until last night, when we were working in the garden and he said, "There's red paint all over the trees back there."  And what does a wife say to not betray her little elves?  "Really?"

Then there is this last little thing.  All that sawing and cutting and screw driving... The boys are the only ones who know how to use power tools and they aren't allowed to use them without Pa.

I sure wasn't going to try it.  Power tools scare me.  I've seen too  many cut off fingers from just such a thing.  We did spend a lot of time trying to cut this lattice by hand with every saw we could find.

And here we are the last day that Pa will be away from home before the big day.  It had to get done.  With time running short, we had to turn to desperate measures.  And with rain on the horizon, we had to do it in my kitchen.

So here I present you with Mama's picture for the week.
And that was enough of power tools to last me a lifetime.  My arms are still vibrating an hour later.  So with Father's Day in our near future, I want to be the first one to say, "Thank God for men who know the ins and outs of power tools and have the muscles to handle them.

Until Next Week,


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  1. ahaha! in our family, my mom likes all that handy stuff, and my dad just sticks to his work. he can be a handy man, but he doesn't like to. :)

    so what was the surprise?? =)