June 14, 2011

Getting Ready For Winnie

When we have a baby on the way, people always tell me how jealous the youngest one will be when the new one arrives.  Moms talk of how their children were so jealous of their newborn and how the older children had a hard time adjusting to the new baby.  This has never been our experience.  Our children have always welcomed the newest Wachter with wide open arms and hearts.  I think it is all in how you present it and in the attitude mom and dad have towards the situation.

Our young ladies are all eagerly counting the minutes and days until Winnie's arrival.  There is even a little outfit tucked away for her to wear... and we don't even know if she is a girl or a boy.  The boys are constantly kissing and rubbing my tummy and asking how is their Winnie doing.  Everyone talks of Winnie doing this with us and Winnie doing that.  The girls have begged their Pa to let them come for the delivery.  Everyone wants to be the first to hold her.  Everyone has offered suggestions as to what her name should be.

And all this enthusiasm has certainly rubbed off on little Elisabeth.  I must admit, with almost a four year spread, I briefly wondered how our little princess would take to a new person in the house.  However, the day she brought her favorite nightgown to me, laid it over my big belly and said, "It fits!"  (Then continuing to tell me she was putting it in her drawer so Winnie could wear it when she was born) I knew my thoughts were wasted time.  

For quite some time, she has been asking if Winnie could sleep in her butterfly bed.  When I asked where she would sleep, Ellie happily said, "I will sleep on the floor."  Over time we subtly slipped in the concept that Winnie would sleep in the nursery.  Elisabeth conceded this was a swell idea and for weeks has been asking when we could put Winnie's bed together.  She meant put the rail back on to turn the day bed, where the kids curl up to read, back into a crib.  Every day she has asked Pa when they could do this.  She was so excited to make a place for her Winnie.

When an unexpected thunderstorm came last night, turning our evening outdoors into an evening indoors, Pa decided it was just the perfect time.  Together the two of them dragged the rail out and gathered a tool or two and went to work.  Ellie's tool of choice was a wooden ruler which she decorated with ladybugs.  
I took a seat in the rocking chair to observe the action.  As I sat there, I was remembering the newborns we brought home to this sunny little corner of house.  That's when it occurred to me that it was exactly six years ago to the very night when we had finished the final touches on the nursery.  It used to be a garage.  Six years ago, on a very rainy night, as the paint finished drying, Allen and I moved the furniture in, dressed the bed with linens and hung the curtains in preparation for Samuel's arrival.  Not a minute too soon, either.  The next morning I woke up in labor.  

Back to last night, though.  Watching our baby's excitement was so heartwarming.  Off came the linens.
Out came the drawer.  While Pa made a few minor repairs to the springs, Ellie got a bucket of water and washed the drawer.  
Incidentally, do you all remember the pet lady bug?  While she was washing, Ellie let out a happy little shriek and said, "I found my lady bug!"  I asked her if she was still alive.  She said, "Yeah!"  Very convincingly, too.  Then she went on to explain, "She doesn't have any wings or legs, though."  In case you were wondering, she was very much dead.

Once the drawer was washed to her satisfaction, Elisabeth went to my closet and got the bag where we've been collecting Winnie items and neatly arranged them in the drawer.  A package of diapers, a blanket from a friend, the $60 dress from her sister, and yes, the beloved purple nightgown.  
Then she ran to her room and gathered up her sheet and comforter and blanket to make the bed up.  
She checked to make sure Pa did everything just right.  
In went two snuggling bears.  Ellie explained one was her and the littlest one was Winnie.  Last but not least, in went Charlotte, her beloved pig.
Then she looked at me and asked, "Can Winnie pop out tomorrow?" 


  1. Aw, how precious! My little sister Ava is in love with babies, and is praying that my mom will have another one. This was something she thought of on her own. :)


  2. oh i'm still laughing.. "can winnie pop out tomorrow?"

    we didnt' have issues with our kids and having another baby. our kids are close together, so when the next was born, they were only 14-17 mos old. it was harder for mommy to adjust than the kids I think :)

  3. That is so sweet! How precious of Ellie to size up her gown on your belly! I never got to experience preparation like that with our second child, since I had so many complications. It's fun to read about yours! And yes, just "pop" that baby right on out, Mom!!!

  4. I just love everything about this story. Ellie sure is going to be the best big sister. What wonderful helpers you'll have in each of your children. You and Allen have raised your kids in a beautiful way that inspires me to be better.

    I can't wait to meet Winnie. :)

    Blessings Friend,

  5. What a nice story to read with my coffee this morning!! You have a great family with such wonderful help! It's neat to see little ones anxiously waiting for their baby sisters and brothers. I wish you much comfort in the final stretch of pregnancy. Blessings to you and your family!! ♥Amy

  6. I agree..it's all in getting the kids excited about their newest sibiling, and just looking at these pictures of little Elizabeth made my heart smile. Getting excited right along beside all of you!!!!