June 15, 2011

The Great Baby Poll

From the time we first announce the coming arrival of a new little one, questions start pouring in by the bucket load. Boy of girl? What are you going to name him/her? When are you due? Just to name a few of the most common. Problem is we don't know the answers to any of these questions! (With the exception of the due date...we just don't know the exact time). If we really wanted to know the sex, we could, but what is the fun in that? Not knowing gives you a sense of anticipation and a really big surprise to look forward to!

Since Winnie was officially announced it has been the same thing. I (Näna) have spent the past seven months trying to come up with creative ways to tell people that we really have no idea whatsoever. :)

When Mom was pregnant with Sammy we started the "tradition" of polling friends, family and everyone on what gender they thought he would be, what the baby would be named, and when he would be born. It was so much fun that we did it again when Mom was pregnant with Ellie. Now, with Winnie arriving in just a few short weeks, we would like to invite you, our cyber friends, to join in the poll. Click here to let us know what you think! When will he/she be born? What gender will Winnie be? What will baby be named?

Some things you may want to keep in mind:

  1. We do not know the sex
  2. Mom is due July 29th
  3. Because Mom is diabetic her doctors will not likely let her go past 39 weeks
  4. Penelope and Gwendolyn are two names that justify patricide. (no offence to any Gwendolyns or Penelopes)

To add even more fun we have an award for the person in each category who guesses the closest. Fun, right?

For the young ladies (aka. By the Way followers) we have a copy of Leslie Ludy's amazing book Authentic Beauty. We have both read this book and agree that it is one of the best ever. A wonderful tool that is geared more toward younger people but really is great for women of all ages.
Adult ladies (aka. readers of Art's Chili) for the winner in this category we have an UltraSlim bible from Thomas Nelson. Both of us use one of these Bibles for our main Bible. They are small and portable while (and at the same time) the text is large enough that you can actually read it, something very hard to find in a compact Bible. The winner can choose one of the following:
note: all come in KJV
Again go on over here to enter! This is going to be a blast, don't you think? If not, do it for us. Or for Winnie. She's even cuter. See:

Can't wait to read your entries!

Lots of love,
CP & Näna


  1. I just entered the poll, it was fun!! I hope you're doing well and savor the last few weeks of this pregnancy!! Blessing to you! ♥Amy

  2. All the inspired stuff at ROBLOX are wicked on ROBLOX