June 13, 2011


While the fellows were roughing it, we decided to squeeze in some girl time.  As soon as we saw them off...
... we blew up balloons...
... and filled some water balloons for a little fun of our own when the boys returned on Saturday morning.
We aren't completely heartless.  We hung streamers and put out presents and decorated for Sammy's birthday, too.
Then it was time to kick back with a big bowl of popcorn and Ellie's favorite video, The Brady Bunch.  Yes, she loves it.  She thinks Cindy looks just like her.  We all tend to agree with her.
Then it was time for the Princess to retreat to her bed.   She wanted to have a camp out, just like the boys.  Kaitlin rigged this great tent in my closet for her.
Cozy, eh?  Don't you love that she brought along a basket full of princess dolls?  Don't be fooled, she wasn't asleep... just practicing.
We hadn't settled more than a minute into an episode of Jeeves and Wooster before she was up in bed cuddling with us.
We slept better than some people.  I was sound asleep when my phone rang with a text message from Allen.  I was shocked to realize it was almost 8:00!  Just as we all began to wonder where Emma was she showed up with a tray for breakfast in bed.  Now this is definitely my kind of camping.
We ended up taking it to the deck, while the air was nice enough to enjoy being outdoors.
But we didn't get much eating done before the fellows pulled in the driveway and we took our positions for a little ambush.

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