May 8, 2011

Mother's Day... a Little Late

I am so excited to have a little breathing room these days and be catching up on some of our family journaling.  Those who don't know me in real life, or those who haven't been reading my blog for any length of time,  may not understand how very seriously I take the job of family historian.  It really is a passion for me.  And writing, even more so.  I find both therapeutic, stimulating and relaxing all at the same time.  I hope to some day, get back to those scrapbooks, but in the meantime, this blog records those moments in this blessed life with my family that I don't ever want to forget.  Even if I do get behind, sometimes.

For the last year, writing has been so difficult for me.  If I could get enough quiet time to focus on it, my heart was too heavy and my mind would wander too far to put words down.  But lately, the Lord has restored to me the joy of it.  What a gracious God He is!

With that all in mind, I have managed to work my way back to be caught up to Mother's Day!  Yeah! Which seems so long ago, that I shouldn't even mention it.  Except that I don't want to forget it down the road.  So here it goes.

It actually turned into a weekend event... as does many occasions around here, starting with a bouquet on Friday morning.
Girls, have your hubby's discovered Pro  Allen has been ordering from them for a number of years now and I  must say, I love that for no reason at all, flowers just show up at my door. Of course, I don't mind when they come for birthdays, anniversaries or Mother's Day, either.  You get my drift.
We spent all day Saturday working in the gardens.  It seems funny saying this now that we are in the middle of a drought, but for so many months it rained so much that to find a dry Saturday to plant our vegetables was an amazing blessing.  The hours the family spends working together in the garden are some of my favorite moments... so to have a whole day... what can you say?
Okay, so we didn't all work all day.  We took a break so Allen could present me with this chair.  Because I had been suffering with sciatica and anticipating my growing discomfort during the heat of summer, he decided to get me this chair which is supposed to relieve all the pressure off your back.  The orders were that I could sit by the pool until baby comes and stay cool and comfortable in the interim.  Of course, everyone insisted I stop and try it out.  Which felt a bit silly.  But, gee, it was comfy.  With some seriously soaring temperatures since Memorial Day, you can bet I have logged some hours there already.
And for the times when it is not convenient to be in the pool, a new body pillow to keep my back comfortable.  Which Elisabeth fell in love with.  One day we were looking for her and there she was curled up on my bed on top of the big pillow.  It probably doesn't hurt that it has a beautiful pink cover that suits a princess just right.
For Christmas we gave Brianna a subscription to her very favorite magazine, Martha Stewart Living.  I thought it was an odd publication for a fifteen year old to adore, but we are not complaining.  There is always something special in the works around here, now that she reads Martha each month.  We've had a brunch where the centerpiece was brie with caramel sauce (made from scratch not the jarred business), Italian ice, delightful baked goods, gourmet dinners and a plethora of neat home grown projects to make life a little sweeter for everyone.
For Mother's Day she pulled out all the stops.   A movie night, complete with ticket stubs, pop corn with 3 kinds of topping, Italian sodas, tissue paper flowers and Swedish fish, my all time favorite movie candy.  The girls colored all those red stripes on the pop corn bags.  For my aching feet, a rose petal and milk soak.
I remember being a little girl and asking my mom what we could do for her to celebrate Mother's Day.  Her answer will always ring in my ears... "A day all to myself."  But I personally can think of no other way I'd like to spend a day, or weekend as the case may be, celebrating the blessing the Lord has given me in making me a Mama, than spending undivided time with the angels He has placed in my care.


  1. what an amazing bouquet of mothers day flowers! You really had a wonderful Mother's Day! Best wishes and Have a nice weekend!

  2. what sweet daughters you have! :) my mother always says on mother's day 'all I want is for you to be good'. And you can't argue with that, can you? :)

    Love and blessings,