June 24, 2011

Radiance Week 2

Well, Brianna, my lovely daughter over at By the Way, has put up the week 2 challenge question for Radiance. If you missed week 1, you missed an incredible blessing... and a lovely prize. I sure wish I could be entered into the drawing because week 2 has some adorable little prizes to choose from. You can click on the button above to check it out.

The question for this week is:
What, to you, is the most essential thing to maintaining your relationship with the Lord?

Now I am sure everyone, who has been studying their Bible for any length of time, will say daily time in prayer and in the Word. And this is definitely number one in maintaining my relationship with the Lord. The days I half heartily do these things or don't do them first thing, turn into bad days very quickly. However, since I figured that was going to be the majority answer, I spent some time thinking about what else is essential to maintaining and growing my relationship with the Lord.

  1. Living It.  Making a conscious and constant effort to live out what I read in the Word and what the Lord impresses on my heart.  Least you think I have mastered this, do not be deceived.  I fail on a daily basis.  Yet, each morning, before I open my eyes, I ask the Lord again to give me His mercy and grace to live the day ahead as He would have me to do.  
  2. Sharing my faith.  As I seek out opportunities to pass my faith on to others through outreach and ministry my faith is grown and my relationship with Him grows stronger.
  3. Teaching it.  It has long been known that the best way to learn anything is to teach it to others.  So I daily ask the Lord for opportunities to teach others what He has shown me.  He has been faithful to give me those teaching moments with my children, through discipling other ladies, teaching others in our church, in my community, through this blog, with strangers and through many other capacities.  And truly, through teaching others, I have learned more than I thought possible and in each opportunity I feel I have grown closer to Him.
So what about you?  What is the most essential element in maintaining your relationship with the Lord?  Post about it, and then pop over to Brianna's blog to link up and read what others have to say.  Perhaps, you will gain another perspective to help you develop an even richer connection with our Savior.

Looking forward to reading your responses,


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