June 10, 2011

The Tent

Last week, Allen decided to take the boys on a father and son camp out for Samuel's birthday.  (More details to follow... eventually.)  The first step was to get a tent.  To say my hubby has a tendency to wait until the last minute is an understatement.  What's really annoying about that, is things still usually work out for him.  Irritating to those of us who plan ahead.  ☺  

Friday night was the big day and as of lunch time the tent had not arrived.  But just as we finished the last of our picnic, along comes the UPS man carrying a new Coleman four man tent.  Pa decided they should have a practice run so they knew how to set it up.  I kicked back on the blanket to enjoy what I knew would be a good show.  

Oh, my men do not disappoint!  The girls and I laughed so hard my sides ached and there were tears in my eyes. 

Things started out well enough.  The advertisement claimed only ten minutes to set up.  It only took about ten to get it out of the box.  Allen had many enthusiastic helpers.
 When the kids started fencing with the poles, I did wonder if they were truly helpers.
 Samuel, suggested they read the directions but the other men scoffed at the idea.
 There were making progress, at last, and we saw vertical movement.
 Aedan did question if that was the way it was supposed to look.
 But in the end, it resembled a tent.  Except one thing, Pa.  What about this pole?
 It was all too much for Ellie.  She just couldn't look anymore and found a good use for the shipping box.
Taking it down went smoother.
 When all was said and done, they actually came in half a minute under the goal of ten minutes!
 But getting it back in that bag might be a different story.  

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  1. What a special time setting up this tent must have been! I felt as if I were there on the side watching the whole thing....giggling :) Wishing everyone a nice time!! Amy ♥