July 28, 2011

Cooler (Less Hot, Anyway) Days

After some very hot days, we had a little cool down Tuesday and Wednesday.  During which time, we again confirmed most of life is about perspective.  Tuesday morning it was 81 when we were eating breakfast and we thought it was cool.

We took the opportunity to be outdoors enjoying many of our favorite activities that we had to forgo because of the extreme heat and humidity.   We read on the train, worked in the gardens, rode the zip line, mowed the lawn, took rides in the wagon, played in the sand box, played on the swings and ate our meals at the picnic table.

We spent some time yesterday just sitting under our cherry tree and playing with Winnie... well, we played and she slept.
And then she and I sat on the park bench and watched the kids swing... well, I watched and she slept.
The other night, when it was too hot to be outside, we crawled into the top bunk and read a few chapters of the Bobsey Twins.  Actually, I started out on the lower bunk and then a number of the kids climbed into the top bunk.  As I saw the boards bending above me, I decided it would be safer to collapse in a heap from the top then to be on the bottom when it went down.  Just to authenticate that I was in this mom picture that's my foot hanging over the side.  And for those who are trying to count, there were eight of us up there.
It is so neat to watch how one little thing changes all the family dynamics and routines.  For example, now that Carmella is with us, everyone gravitates to the nursery first thing in the morning to do their Bible reading.  This morning, Elisabeth climbed on my lap for a cuddle with "my sister" (that's what she calls her right now) before we went to do our morning chores.
And that is a few minutes of my week in picture for my Thursday mom's post.  Hope everyone is having a great week and keeping cool.

Until next week,


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  1. You look wonderful!! Everyone looks like they're having a nice summer enjoying their little sister. Loved the pictures!! ~Amy