July 18, 2011

The Baby Poll Winners

You have entered, Carmella has been born, and now it's time to announce the winners! First, let us say, we had a blast reading all your guy's guesses. The names were especially fun. (even though none of you were anywhere near close...but guessing the name really is a shot in the dark so I can't hold it against you)

So without further ado, the gal who guessed the closest date and therefore the winner of the first giveaway (Leslie Ludy's Authentic Beauty)....

Sophia from Life and Times of a Geek! Go ahead and email us (arts_chili@yahoo.com) with your address.

The seconds closest date (and the winner of the Thomas Nelson UltraSlim Bible) is...

Bree from He Designs My Life! Congrats, girl! We were so thrilled to see you won because, well, you probably know why :) Same as with Sophia, go ahead and email us your address and which bible you would like and we will get that sent out to you.

Chili and Näna

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