July 24, 2011

Butterfly trap

We have this beautiful butterfly bush growing beside the deck.  As its name suggest, this bush is sometimes covered with a hundred butterflies at one time.  The other morning, as I was putting my makeup on, a huge beautiful specimen landed there.  Samuel, who was looking out the door of my bedroom caught sight of it.  He asked me what it was... but I just admire them, I can't name them.  We called in the big guns, Kaitlin, who knows about all things insect and plant life.  She identified a swallowtail.  By then, with all the shouting through the house for Kaitlin to "come quick", Elisabeth and Aedan had joined Sam.  They didn't get to see that butterfly, he was long gone.  But the trio did decide to build a butterfly trap.

They started with an empty popcorn container.  

They wedged it into the bush and filled it with some blooms.  Then in went a rotting peach to attract the insects.
Our little observers then pulled up a few chairs and had a seat.  Where they stayed for the next two hours.  Just waiting and watching.  They never got anything in their trap, but they did have the fun of trying and the joy of watching butterfly after butterfly land for a drink before taking off again.

And this is something I love about home school kids.  Not only are they inventive, resourceful and creative.  They are also patient and understand that things don't always work out, but the journey of trying is half the fun.

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  1. What patience :) I've never seen one of these plants before - God's creation is so incredible!