July 21, 2011

Ellie and Me and Winnie, Too

Allen had off on Monday.  All week, I seem to be a day behind.  This morning, I was thinking it was Wednesday.  Oops... it isn't Wednesday, it is really Thursday, which means the piano tuner was coming. 

That also means, today is the day for my weekly mom post.  I found these pictures from Monday morning.  While Allen took the boys for their haircuts, we had some girl time.  On our way to the pool, we took a stroll through the garden.  It was really heating up, but laying in the hammock under the trees in Emma's secret garden, it felt quite comfortable. 

Okay, so there seem to be a bunch of pictures of me falling asleep with Winnie.  That is a problem I have.  If I sit still, I fall asleep.  That's why I never watch a whole movie at one time. 
  So, sue me. I sit, I nurse, I get all cuddly and warm and we fall asleep. Love these little moments in life, don't you?
So while, I wish I weighed a lot less these days...  And I wish my makeup was done...  And I wish I wasn't wearing my pool clothes and nightgown in all the pictures of me this week... I am still glad someone broke all the family rules about such things and recorded those little moments that make life so wonderful... and precious... and, well, memorable.

Until next week,


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  1. Enjoy those moments, I am sure you are very aware of how quickly they go by. You look beautiful as the mommy you are!!!