July 14, 2011

Hanging Around With Carmella

So another Thursday is upon us.  Time for my weekly mom post.  You might guess I have a companion this week. 

Here we are not taking a nap.  Allen asked if I had a nice nap and I told him I wasn't really sleeping.  I must have dozed off, afterall, because I had no recollection of him taking this photo.

And here I am really bored after spending two hours at the doctor's office for Winnie's checkup.
So they can weigh her.  (5 pounds 14 ounces).  Measure her.  Guess what she's not grown any longer in the 10 days since she was born.
And tell me not to bows on her head because she could choke.  Don't worry, I stood up to him and informed him that she would wear a bow as long as I was her mama.
Good thing he doesn't know about all the bling Elisabeth puts on her.

Until next week,



  1. Oh Kat my dear...you look at perfect peace...perfect momma peace with one of your many precious children. Congrats again!

  2. I, for one, happen to love all of Carmella's bows. They look so darling on her! And Ellie is passing her love for bling down to her new little sister, I see. Too cute. :)

    Adorable photos!

    Elizabeth Rose

  3. Momma knows what's best for her baby! :> )

    I love your pics, Kat.....your precious Carmella is BEAUTIFUL! Not that there was any doubt that she wouldn't be. All of your children are GORGEOUS!

    You know....we still have to get together! lol

    Love and BIG ((((HUGS))))~