June 17, 2011

Has Anyone Else...

...discovered these?
 In the eggs the kids hunted on Easter we had put miniature snickers.  One afternoon, we were having our tea and reading our Bibles as the kids were snacking on the candy leftover.  I ate one of those tiny  candies and the peanuts and chocolate hit the spot.  I ate two more.

The children got such a kick out of that.  I almost NEVER eat candy.  And if I do, it is never any old any day candy.  And it MUST be dark chocolate.  So for me to sit and eat three pieces in a row, well, they thought it was just hysterical.

Someone said, "Winnie must really like Snickers."  I said, "No, they are just okay.  But if they were dark chocolate, she would love them."  Well, before I could say, "Snickers," someone had gone on line to discover there was a dark chocolate version and set out on a quest to find one.  It wasn't long before sitting in the basket in my kitchen were three of them.

Of course, by then, the craving had passed.  Until one night, when I had a hypoglycemic episode around 2am.  I wandered out to the kitchen to find something to bring my sugar back up to a safe level.  And what should be staring at me but those candy bars.  After inhaling it, I sat on the bar stool by the island waiting to feel stable again before I headed back to bed.

Twenty minutes passes slowly in the middle of the night when you really want to go back to sleep.  I played with the wrapper a while, smoothing it out and balling it up and smoothing it out again.  Then I actually saw the back.
How did they know?


  1. So cute, I'm not a fan of dark chocolate, but my husband is and I'm sure he would try one. Looks good though :)

  2. :D I love it!

    I didn't know they had dark chocolate snickers. I'm not a big fan of snickers, but I am a HUGE fan of the dark chocolate. I should try to find one of these!!

    -Many Smiles!
    (Oh, & I am taking FBI again! I signed up Thursday night after church! So excited!)