July 22, 2011

Hot Weather, A Good Sale, And A Sad Corn Story

So it's been very HOT here all week.  It's still HOT.  It will continue to be HOT!  But we aren't complaining. It's perfect for long days in the pool.  And that's where you will find us morning, noon and night.  What else is summer for?

In other news... this morning we woke up to find our corn box looking like this.  And, yes, we are complaining.
Weather was not good for corn planting this spring.  We had to plant four times before we got it to germinate.  Weather has not been good for corn growing this summer.  Too hot and too dry.  Even with watering, it has taken all summer to get one crop, never mind that we usually get two.  We were finally getting close to harvest.  We could almost taste it.
And some critters came in and trampled the whole thing.
And if that wasn't insulting enough, they stripped the ears and left the ruins behind for us to clean up.
In happier news, Lands End is having a fabulous sale so now is the week to pop over and stock up for the fall and maybe a swim suit for next summer.

For now, I'm keeping cool with peach ice cream by the pool.




  1. It's been HOT, HOT here too. Last summer our corn was nearly ready. We got back from a long wk end to find critters had ate every.single.cob.of.corn. (despite having fencing around it) So frustrating.

  2. That's got to be SOOO disappointing, but do enjoy your peach ice cream for me. ;-) We have been H.O.T. here too. :-(