July 20, 2011


After years of trying to start an orchard in our yard, only to watch bugs, critters and weather leave us without even one piece of fruit, we are so excited to be harvesting our very own peaches.  They are tiny (the size of a plum or smaller) and many are filled with rotten spots, but they sure taste delicious.  The natural sweetness is magnified by the beauty of knowing our patience and hard work have at last paid off.
Perhaps, next year there will be something to harvest on the apple trees... and the cherry trees... the apricots... nectarines... or maybe even the grape vines?


  1. Ooh, I LOVE peaches. :) To make sure the worms don't get to them, you can pick them early, and then keep them in brown paper bags until they ripen. That's what we do when we get unripe peaches from the grocery store. :)


  2. Mmm, they look delicious! I love harvesting food from our garden--it tastes better when you know that you planted it yourself, doesn't it? We have had a *huge* crop of tomatoes this year, and so Momma has been putting them on salad, making tacos with them, etc. However, we do have to pick them green because otherwise all the bugs have a feast. :( So, our back porch is fearfully and wonderfully laden with rows upon rows of green tomatoes, sunning themselves until they turn a bright, juicy red. :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  3. So happy to read this post after your corn post above! I guess some years we just take what we can get, and by the look of those peaches...my mouth is watering.