July 5, 2011

Sunday at Starbucks

I found this post in my drafts... which I thought had published back in April.  Oops.  ☺

Anyway, on Sundays after worship, Allen usually takes us out to lunch.  With two services and often the girls having a meeting in between, it becomes difficult to fix and eat a family meal together and not feel like we've been in a Marathon.  Going out to eat was his way of bringing a little rest into the Lord's Day. 

After lunch we often stop by the Starbucks next door for some coffee.  If we need a few things from the store, the kids will run into the grocery store down the way.  Go figure, they like shopping.  Lucky for me, who hates shopping, and grocery shopping most of all.  On those Sundays, Allen and I have a few minutes alone with Elisabeth. 

This particular Sunday we needed a few items.  I can't rememer what the issue was, but Samuel was told he couldn't go with the other kids to the grocery store.  At first he was disappointed at this.

We also wouldn't let him have any cocoa or dessert.  Afterall we didn't want his punishment to be too much of a treat.  However, his big-hearted-little-sister just couldn't help herself.
She gave him bites of her cake pop.
And sips of her hot-not-so-hot-hot-cocoa.  Which, if I remember correctly ended up spilling on her dress.
Even though this litte training moment didn't work out so well for us, it was nice to see Ellie being so merciful and sharing with her big brother. 

So, then again, maybe it worked out okay afterall.

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