June 26, 2011

Ten Minute Manicure

I love, love, love this product.  Last year I picked this up for Elisabeth, who loves to have her nails polished, but hates to wait for them to dry.

When we were on vacation I ran out of my favorite color and how can a woman walk barefoot on the beach for three weeks with no nail polish?  So I used Ellie's.  And guess what?  It really does dry almost instantly.

I have always been an OPI girl when it comes to nail color.  But I must admit that in my attempt to have a quick manicure, I have tried many quick dry nail polishes.  But after one use they quickly get tossed into the linen closet.  Quick dry or not, they chip as quick as they dry.

But not this one.  I have had it stand up to 5 days of motherhood at a time before I have to redo.  And the best part is, the redo only takes 5 or 10 minutes.

Years ago, I abandoned keeping my fingernails manicured.  As much as I loved freshly polish nails, I didn't have all that time to devote to waiting for my color to dry, only to have it washed off with the the dinner dishes.  However, when I can polish my nails and let them dry while I read my morning study... well, that's efficient!

For the first time since Emma was a baby, I find I keep my fingers polished more often than not.  The only down side?  Because it is quick dry, it does gunk up in the bottle rather quickly.  But at just a couple of dollars a bottle... who cares?

Oh, and in case I didn't mention it... they have some absolutely fabulous colors.  Check out some of my favorites like Mauve It, Presto Pink, Snappy Sorbet, Lively Lilac, Racey Rouge, Rapid Red, Expresso, and Slick Slate.

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