July 19, 2011

Visitors, Home Improvements, Ice Cream Sandwiches and Long Toes

All this time sitting and nursing baby is great for thinking.  My mind is filled with all the random thoughts that collect in those 30 or 40 minutes at a time.  As you well know, my blog is the dumping place for my thoughts, random or otherwise, so kick back... this could be a long one. 

Like this.  Last Thursday night, we discovered one of Aedan's front teeth was lose.  Not really a big deal in the normal scheme of things.  With so many grade school kids around here, teeth fall out at an alarming rate.  Except that we were all certain it was an adult tooth.  We asked everyone in the house and even pulled up photos of when he lost his teeth to be sure.  I was going to get around to posting this story, but I haven't yet.  Brianna wrote about it today and she puts it so well, why should I bother doing it, too?  She has given me permission to include an excerpt from her blog in my post today.

"Can you write a whole post about teeth? Honestly, I wouldn't even try it if there wasn't so much going on in the Wachter's teeth life. (For that matter can you have a teeth life?)...

While Mom was flipping out wondering how he was ever going to get married, get a job, and live a respectable life missing one of his front teeth, I called our dentist. We knew he wouldn't be in, because it was late, but thought that we could just leave a message. Well, he wasn't in the office and to top it off he wasn't going to be in until July 18th when he returned from vacation. There was nothing we could do at that hour of night so we very firmly told Aedan to not eat, brush his teeth, chew on ice, [or do] anything that would possibly cause it to fall out.

To make a long story short Dr. M had not left town yet and said he would come into the office that afternoon (isn't he great?). When talking to Pa on the phone Dr. M. was pretty sure it was a baby tooth but told Pa to bring Aedan in anyway,  just to be on the safe side. He did and it was a baby tooth. Needless to say, we felt horrible for having him come in on his vacation to tell us it was a loose primary tooth.  After Joely's appointment Pa stopped by the store and they were walking down the soft drink department when he said, "I can feel the top of my tooth, Pa!"  Pa said something like, "Oh, that's cool."  Two seconds later the tooth fell out on the floor.  Right there in the store. Since then he's lost two more and has the most adorable toothless smile.
Why is it that looks so cute on kids 10 and under but by the time they turn 12 it's weird and looks like someone from West Virginia? (No offence to my WV friends...I know you aren't all like that...just stereotyping) So, yes, all the panicking for nothing.

In other Wachter teeth news, Wednesday I got my top braces off!!! After 4 1/2 years they are finally off.  To tell the truth I was starting to doubt that I still had teeth under all that metal. :) I realized the other day that Ellie has never known me without them. She thought it was fascinating when I came home top braces free. Later she said that she didn't like my teeth without braces and wanted me to put them back on.
Dr. C. did Pa's braces (he was 22) and I can not go in for an appointment without him reminiscing about when Pa would come in for appointments and bring KK (2 at the time) with him. He always tells me (and every other patient in the room) "She used to look at me hiding behind the chair just peeking out the top like this." When I showed them a picture of Carmella and introduced her as their newest patient the ladies all ooed and ahhed and Dr. C. said that I was making him feel old. I told him that if he thought that was bad wait until he was putting braces on KK's kids and he said that would just be too much for him. :)

So it seems like I could do a whole post on teeth but let me just do one quick non-teethy thing: We were running out the door to church Sunday morning and Mom said, "Wait! Picture first!" We all stopped, turned, and she snapped the shot. (notice most of us didn't bother looking...) Just had to share because I love Emma and Ellie in their hats and my boys look really cute in their "big guy" suits.

How have your teeth been?


So, it's me, Kat, again.  I want to add that this picture makes me think of so many things... how much I love watching my family march to the car all dressed in their Sunday clothes... how much I love going to worship with my family... how much I hate when I can't go to worship with them... how much I love that we live in a country where it is our right and choice to be able to go to worship... and how funny it is to see my family all dressed up with pans and bowls under one arm and their Bibles under the other.

That's the product of being part of a great church family.  When anything happens, someone brings a meal, or two or three.  Then you march into the church building on Sunday morning with all the dishes you need to return.

Something else I've been thinking about, as I sit here in my rocking chair in the nursery, is how much more patient and tolerant I've become with home improvement projects over the years. I think the word is patient... but perhaps it is resignation?

Take, for example, the bureau
and the bed, sitting on its side, in my living room for the last week.
or the boxes of hard wood I have to maneuver around each time I head down the hall way.
There was a time when a day of that sort of business would have put me over the edge.  Now, I hardly notice it at all.  Instead, I just smile as I walk by my boys' room and see them all hard at work remodeling and redecorating their little, and I mean little (100 square foot with the large closet included), space with their Pa.

Something else I've been thinking of this weekend, is the end of vacation.  Allen decided to take off the Friday before the fourth, since he had Monday off already.  That would make for a nice long weekend.  Turns out, we had a baby, and he ended up taking his 2 weeks leave concurrent with his Friday off and holiday leave.  That means 18 glorious days with our family all together without any interruption.  Well, minus a day in the hospital.  So Tuesday he has to return the rat race and I am already missing him.  When it comes to vacation leave, yes, I am definitely the glass is half empty kind of girl.  Not saying, "Hey we had 18 days" or "We have 2 more days together" but instead thinking about how little time we have remaining.  So sue me.  No one can be optimistic about everything, can they? 

And, for those I haven't replied to yet, thank you so much for the emails.  Yes, I am well.  Actually, considering the difficult months behind me and the complications with labor, I can not believe how very well I feel.  This has been, by far, the easiest recovery I have ever had.  I count it up to all the help I have.  I have actually done all that taking-it-easy-business they tell you to do after you have a baby.  No lifting, no stairs, no standing... just sitting around holding my baby and watching the fun of family going on around me. 

Because of trying to regulate her blood sugar, Carmella needed supplementing with a few ounces of formula in the beginning.  Allen decided to use that as an opportunity to get up with her at night and let me sleep.  That means I am getting 8 solid hours of sleep each night... something I never get.  It is an amazing feeling to be well rested. 

Plus, it seems like there are usually a lot of people coming and going, which makes it difficult to get rest when baby is sleeping.  Allen has kept visitors to the bare minimum, the last few weeks, so that I can rest. 

In the past, I am usually caring for everyone and nursing the baby around the clock and trying to take care of the house.  That all boils down to an exhausted mama.  This having a baby deal isn't so hard with grown daughters, a bunch of kids who want to hold baby around the clock and a hubby home on leave.    Who knew?
How funny is it that Carmella and Elisabeth's stuffed pig, Charlotte, happen to be the same size? 
What is this?  Ha, glad you asked.  My girl friend gave us this neat keepsake gift.  So this is 4 women attempting to get a newborns footprints in plaster of paris.  We laughed so hard.  Amazingly, it didn't turn out too bad.
We only got a little bit on the baby.

And this is Aedan very excited, because his carrots were ready to harvest. 
 And Winnie after Ellie dressed her with some bling.
And this is the fifty pounds of blueberries we picked the day before Carmella was born.  Some people theorize that's why I went into labor early.  Seriously, remember that day Allen decided to take off at the last minute.  This is what we did with it.  I am so glad he took off.  It was a nice day for us to have together with the family before we brought our darling home.
Is there anyone else who is totally loving all the new recipes for corn spreads that are so poplular this season?  We have tried a number of them and they are all so delicious!  There doesn't seem
to be enough corn on the cob to go around.  I think our favorite so far is the Jalepeno-lime spread we made this week.
And this is what we do for fun around here on hot summer nights.  We were laying around on my bed chit chatting with the girls... who should have long since been in bed... and it was hot and no one felt like getting up to turn the fan on... so Brianna put those long toes of hers to work.  Thank the Lord for Flannigan toes.
And if you think you can't write a whole post just about toes... remember the teeth?  No kidding.  My husband's family have these unusual toes.  Their second toe is longer than the rest.  Brianna inherited it.  And she is always going on about her weird toes.  Really, who looks at toes?  Unless you are getting a pedicure, that is.  Or maybe a podiatrist.  But in the general scheme of things, no one notices toes.  So, when we were having one of our weekly sonograms, the technician, who hadn't made a peep up until then, says, "Who has the long second toe in your family."  So I guess they look, too.  I couldn't beleive that they could see such a thing on someone so small through a sonogram.  But there it was, plain as day.  After Carmella was born, and so very tiny, we were even more amazed at the detail of those machines these days.  Her toes are seriously the size of tic-tacs! 

So my in-laws dropped by today(Saturday).  We almost never hear from them or see them.  But let us start a new home improvement project and it is guaranteed they will show up at the minute my house is the biggest disaster it possibly could be.  I mean, you can't even walk down the hallway for the tools and boxes of flooring.  The boys' bedroom furniture is IN MY LIVING ROOM.  And here comes my mother-in-law! 

So they met their grandaughter for the first time.  And we are all sitting around talking about her tiny toes and the fact that she has the Flannigan toes.  Next thing you know, shoes are coming off and people are comparing the length of their second toe.  I am thankful, this is a discussion in which I was mostly an observer.  Maybe Carmella won some points with her grandparents by displaying her Flannigan side? 
No sooner had we safely sent the in-laws on their way, then  there was another knock at the door.  Remember the furniture and mess, right?  Not to mention everyone had just changed into their swimming clothes.  So who do you think it was?  A darling friend, and his son, whom we have seen exactly twice since his son, soon to be 8, was born.  We had a wonderful time visiting and catching up a bit on family and work news (he and Allen worked together a number of years ago). 
Before our second visitors departed, we were graced with a third couple of friends.  My mom used to say, "When it rains it pours."  I can hear her saying that now.  So we chatted for some time again.  After we bid our last friends goodnight, Allen commented on how nice it is to have people drop by and what a while it had been. (I could hear them discussing the disaster of my house and asking why everyone was wearing their swimsuits as they walked to their cars.  ☺)

Random babbling alert.. In our old neighborhood, we had friends who would drop in periodically for a chit chat.  In fact, one neighbor would call when she got home from work and ask if I had any coffee made.  She would wander down and we would visit over some java and cookies while I made dinner.  When I look back now I think of Lucy and Ethel.  Don't you love the way Ethel would walk in and pour herself a cup of coffee and sit down at the breakfast table?  That's the kind of neighborhood I grew up in.  I never knew there were places where you might only talk to your neighbors once or twice a year.

Back to Saturday

In the meantime...After five hours of visiting, it was now 8 O'clock.  Dinner wasn't even started and after a day of working in the boys' room, no one felt like waiting another hour to make it.  Brianna chimed in with a suggestion.  She had made drinks and bruschetta for happy hour in between the in-laws and Owanas visit.  She had also made chocolate chip-cookie-dough-ice-cream-sandwiches for dessert.  (Do you all remember what I said about Brianna and Martha Stewart Living?  This is another of her brilliant ideas.)  So for dinner we ate some kind of fruity beverage with bruschetta and ice cream sandwiches.  My mom had another saying, "Sometimes, you have to drop back ten yards and punt."  This was definitely one of those times. 

Don't think that they were just any old ice cream sandwiches.  First, she made a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough.  Half got baked and the other half was stirred into vanilla ice cream.  The ice cream mixture was spread between two cookies along with a layer of chocolate ganache.  They were absolutely incredibly delicious.  Dont' think for a minute that one of us was not sick when we finished.  Next time, she will make them half the size.

So, I started this random post on Saturday and here it is Thursday and it is really long, and it could go on forever... so for the sake of my gentle and patient readers, I am just going to do everyone a favor and hit that old "Publish Post button."

I am randomly yours until next time, 



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