August 5, 2011

Day 4-My Favorite Book

Wow!  One I can actually answer.  My all time favorite book, The Bible... King James only, please.  Since the Bible is technically 66 books, I will go one step further and say my current (it changes periodically) book is Hosea.

When I was going through it again, recently, I had to once more marvel at how long-suffering the Lord is...  To love His people so much to put up with their endless backsliding and still keep calling them back to Himself...  When studying the book of Hosea, not only is God's mercy so evident, but also my own shortcomings, when we realize we are to be equally as merciful to others!

Again, I am joining Toni in her 30 Days About Me... challenge.


  1. I am working on trying to read the whole bible for the first is not going as quickly as I would like but I am getting there! Still not to Hosea yet though :(

  2. I still haven't read through the whole Bible, but I really should. Thank you for reminding me! :)

    I wouldn't have anything but KJV either - such beautiful language!


  3. I haven't read Hosea in awhile.
    It's hard to pick one book out of all the 66. They are so wonderful..
    PTL we never have to pick.. and what a tremendous blessing that we have all 66 at our fingertips in more way that one..