August 26, 2011

Boy's Room Makeover

Of all the lessons I have learned in my life, you think I would have learned just one after living with my good husband.  But no.  After years of remodeling and home improvement projects.  I still have the nerve to open my mouth with the simplest of statements that somehow turn into massive home improvement projects.

What started innocently enough... over breakfast with the boys at Panneras, at which time Samuel attempted to eat this enormous cinnamon bun... as let's take the boys to Target so they can choose their new linens... we can move the girls' beds into their room... turned into a 7 week remodeling project.
Before... their serene and tidy little bedroom...
Nathaniel's corner
Sam and Aedan's space...
...and the bureau, far too small to be shared by three little boys...
Allen and I agreed that we would NOT use up all his paternity leave working on this project.  We would only work if the weather was bad and we were stuck inside.  Because we both knew, we sure didn't want to have the house torn apart right now.

I should have known better!  But, no, I agreed to it.  

I should have known that my man could not handle two weeks, with no work, and nothing but relaxation on his hands.

And God provided him with just the opportunity, that very night, when a thunderstorm came through.

While I was otherwise occupied with one week old Carmella, the boys began carrying all their belongings to the basement.  Which created a disaster of such proportions, I was banned from the basement for the remainder of the summer!  YIKES!
And instead of bunking beds, Allen started doing drywall work.
And Emma embarked on a one woman crusade, that spread over two days, to remove the stickers from the windows.
I knew we were in trouble when the drill came out.
So I figured, if you can't beat them, you might as well join them.  I gave the boys a bucket of water and had them wash the walls.
And Allen handed them paint brushes.
When the boxes of hard wood flooring moved in... it was certain we were in for the long haul.  We all began to learn a few things.
Nathaniel learned about demolition...
Samuel became skilled with a paintbrush...
I am not entirely sure what Ellie learned with this hammer but she sure enjoyed it!
Emma became an expert at building closet shelves...
And we all learned that I have become far more tolerant of the disasters created by home improvement projects.  I hardly even noticed the bed sitting in my living room for two weeks.
The kids did all the demo of the old trim and carpet removal themselves.  Ellie came for the occasion dressed in her pink.
With the carpet out and the tacks removed...
The family embarked on a day of laying hard wood floor.  During which time, we were graced with 3 sets of visitors and Winnie's umbilical cord fell off.
No one is immune once a project gets under way around here.  My girls are experts on laying hard wood, ceramic and laminate flooring.
And now certified as inspectors...
the boys know a thing or two, also.
Did I mention my less than orderly house?
When Winnie and I were feeling left out, Allen brought in a rocking chair for us to watch the progress.

But, wait, SAFETY FIRST!  We were concerned about the loud air compressor and nail gun, so someone found ear plugs for their little sister.
We employed a few of those math skills we work so hard at during the winter months.
As I said, we all do our part around here.  I ignore the messes and the kids camp on the floor.  Which they really had a blast with.  Ellie even dragged a mattress into the boys room so she could join them.
The next big project was hanging trim.  Nathaniel got to work side by side with his Pa putting to use all the skills he has been learning over the years as a carpenter's son.
After several weeks, we came back to the original goal of moving the girls' beds into the boys' bedroom.  We knew we would get there, eventually!
Yes, at last those new linens made their way to the bunk beds.
The boys' helped Allen build their three new dressers, which will be much better for a room full of gentlemen.
 And, at last, the after!
 Sam's little corner
 The boys' cozy bunk bed... which they love
 A place for everything
 And, hopefully, everything in its place. 
Lots of hands on lessons have been learned... I've learned to keep my mouth closed... and Samuel learned that no matter how big a cinnamon bun may appear... it can not outlast a Wachter home improvement project.


  1. Oh, I have got to make sure My Skippy Man reads this post! Getting him to start ANY home improvement project around here is like pulling teeth! lol I hoping Alan and the kids will be an inspiration to him! :> )

    Loved the always!

    Blessings, sweet friend~

  2. Glad to hear from you,,,was worried a little since you hadnt posted.Isnt it exciting to do house projects,i get so excited whenit comes to picking paint colors! home projects can be tiring but a good tired wouldn't you say~

  3. Ha! Love this post. And I think the boys new room is adorable. But you already knew that.