August 18, 2011

Brianna's 16th Birthday

Hard to imagine it has been 16 years since we brought tiny little Brianna home to live with us.  But there it is.  Our 6 pound 1 ounce preemie, now towers over me, wears size 9 shoes and is 16 years old.
After the pink birthday balloon wake up attack...
Brianna settled in the herb garden with her Bible study while we went about chores and made breakfast. 
Then we served breakfast in the garden.  The weather has been unusually pleasant here the last week or so. Low humidity and very nice for being outdoors.  

Breakfast prepared by Kaitlin and Emma Rose included lox and bagels, orange juice and peaches.

Since it was her birthday, Brianna had dibs on holding time with Winnie for the day.  She did share a little time with the other kids.
Of course there were presents.  I think it is so neat the way her brothers get so excited over the dress and leggings they chose.  That is one of the perks of having three girls first.  Boys really know what girls like.  I figure some wives will be very grateful one day.
Brianna opted for rights to bathe the baby, too.
Before it got too warm, we played some basketball.  Ellie needed a little help.
And then there was a surprise singing Happy Birthday phone call from our friends. 
At lunch time, we picked up sandwiches and took a picnic to our favorite spot in the park.
Where Brianna spent a lot of time holding Carmella Joie.
Naptime was spent by the pool doing some blogging and reading.
Which was followed by the happy hour, family Bible reading, a mean game of Banagrams and the Chicken Dance.
We thought there ought to be a picture of the two of us... and Winnie, of course.
Dinner was seafood Alfredo (with shrimp and scallops), Ceasar salad and melon.
And a tiramisu trifle for dessert.
I am such a sucker for pretty paper plates!
Ragweed is in the air and we are all sneezing like crazy!  We challenged the girls to light the candles without  sneezing and blowing them out.
The kids are currently taking turns leading the family devotions (another post on that) Brianna requested Aedan do the devotion for this evening.  He spoke from Psalm 43 about rejoicing in the Lord in our trials.
The day ended, surprise, with Brianna cuddling Winnie while we watched a video.  Okay, really, I fell asleep but not before I wished her...
Many Happy Returns of the Day!


  1. Here's wishing Bri a happy Birthday from Seattle! I can't believe that the little girl I babysat a couple of times all those years ago is all grown up now! Where does the time go?

  2. Happy Birthday Brianna!! You two are SO alike! What awesome pics of what looks like an awesome day. I love the one of her bathing the baba - too sweet!! Lovely post - Thanks for sharing :) xx

  3. What a wonderful day! There were some many things in their that sounded just like our family, it could take me an hour to list them. :) You and Brianna look so similar! She has your eyes, nose, and mouth. :)


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIANA! It sounds like she had the perfect day!

    Oh, to be 16 again!!


  5. happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! looks like a wonderful day spent with family. those are my favorite :)