August 13, 2011

Day 12- OCD

I don't like the common trendy way of tossing around the term OCD.  It is a real disorder and  for those who suffer with it, it is life controlling, life altering and painful.  I have known people who truly were OCD and out of respect for them, I would not toss this term around any more than I would throw out the ugly word "retarded" or "Cripple".  Just something to think about.

But with all that said, I asked my family what I am very particular about at dinner the other night.  They had the nerve to laugh.  I limited them each to just one answer.  That's all my ego could handle.  I may be a bit set in my ways, but I am honest about my shortcomings.  I just don't want to dwell on them anymore than necessary.

Clutter.  I can not stand it.  I can not work in a mess or in a cluttered space.  I am much more tolerant about it than I used to be.  Still, there is a point where I can not stand it anymore and must clean it up, toss it out and bring order back to my world.  This is not the best obsession to have when you live in a house that has been in a constant state or remodel (which translates to disorganization, clutter and mess) for nine years.  I have to always have a neat and organized clutter free spot to retreat to.  This is usually our bedroom.  Even then, I can only handle it for so long until everyone in my line of vision is recruited to work at getting it back to normal.  With two bedrooms in the remodel process, our basement has been a virtual disaster for most of the summer.  My family has forbidden me to go down there until the project is finished.  This, I am sure, has more to do with their own welfare than for my good.

Pet food.  The smell completely makes my stomach turn.  When I am pregnant, it is even worse.  A perfectly good morning can turn into a morning of throwing up, just from the smell of cat food.  When I was pregnant with Elisabeth, we had to keep the cat food on the porch, because I couldn't stand the odor every time I opened the kitchen cupboard.  And because of that I can not even let it touch me.  In fact, I can not even touch the bag.  It makes me queasy just thinking about it.  Yes, weird, I know.  But how much weirder is it that people will lick an ice cream cone after their dog?  And I am not picking on dogs.  I won't share an ice cream with my kids, either.  

Drawers.  Doors.  Cupboards.  For goodness sake, the doors are put there for a reason.
Just close them, already. It isn't even a hard thing to do.    

I am joining Toni in her 30 Days About Me challenge.  

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  1. dog food!! me too! hate the smell. i'm so glad my kiddies are old enough now to feed the pups every day :)