August 16, 2011

Day 15-My Dream Home

My idea of a dream house, has little to do with the brick and mortar, the size of the rooms or the square feet. 

When I was growing up during the 70's, we lived in the country, in the dream house my parents built.  It was painted just the color my mother loved, red.  And decorated with her choice of wall papers and furnishings.  It was filled with children, surrounded with trees and had a swing set in the back yard.

And we were miserable.  My folks were unhappy.  Their four children were unhappy.  Even the cat seemed to despair.  Because the most important ingredient to their dream house was completely absent.

Psalm 127:1 says, "Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it..."

We didn't have the Lord.  Our life was built on worldly ideals, self centered desires and whatever fad child rearing psychology was popular that year.

I laid awake many nights during my years growing up in that house wishing for any place that was filled with joy and love.  Once I was grown, and living a turbulent life elsewhere, I suffered many nights filled with frightening dreams.  No matter the content of those dreams, they always took place in the red house.  One day, after we were both happily married and engaged in lives full of blessings, my sister and I were talking and she said the same thing.  Every nightmare she had, ended up in that house that was so important to our parents.

So important, in fact, that even though no one wanted to take responsibility for the children, when they divorced, they fought over that house for years.  So many years, that when they when all was said and done all the profits from its sale went to pay legal fees.  So much for a dream house.  

No, to me a dream house entails more than nails and screws can hold together.  My dream house is one filled with love, joy and kind words.  It is a place where laughter abounds, and though there will be tears, there are also loving hands to wipe them away.  The perfect house is filled with the word of the Lord and those who give themselves to working for His kingdom.

It is not about a place, at all, but about the people He decides to place within its walls.  

Our first apartment was in the basement of a building in a town that scared the wits out of me.  But for the year we lived there, it was my dream house.  I was sad to leave each day and looked forward to returning each night.  When I came home from work after the 2nd or 3rd shift, my sweet Allen was there, often asleep on the couch waiting up for me to share dinner with him.     

Later we moved, taking all our dreams with us, to a rental where we were going to stay for one year.  We lived there for 7 years as our dreams, and our family, grew.  It was in that living where my good husband gave his life over to the Lord.  It was there where we welcomed 2 more daughters into our life.  I can still hear the laughter of guests crowded into our tiny dining room to celebrate holidays and birthdays.  I can still see my brother's face when he knocked on our door after a 5 year deployment, coming to live with us.  It was while living in that home that he, too, trusted Jesus.  I taught two of my girls to sew at the dining room table and spent endless hours visiting with friends and loved ones.  It was there we saw God work miracles in our Abbey's life and it was there we cried when we had to let her go. 

And, eventually, the Lord saw fit to bring us to what was this dilapidated place.  The sort of place where I swore I would never live.  One that, oddly enough, resembles our old red house.  It is to this happy yellow house that we have brought home 3 sons and 2 more daughters.  It is here that we have schooled our children and celebrated the graduation of our oldest.  Here we have suffered many heart aches, too.  But even those heartaches are filled with the joy of the love that saw us through them.  It is here that we have housed many beloved friends traveling or visiting.  It is here that we have worked endlessly to remodel and repair.  Even though, I often find myself frustrated with the process, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Because, here, surrounded by those I love more than life itself, is the home that, for most, can only be found in dreams.     


Joining in 30 Days About Me hosted by Toni.


  1. Family and love are what makes a house a home. And yes, that's what matters the most.

  2. This post has totally given me goosebumps (lovebumps) :) How beautiful. I'm sorry you had a yukky time in the red house. I had a yukky time growing up too, in the green house. I think that's why I don't like the colour green! Yellow is such a sun-shiney happy colour, I live in a Yellow house too now :)

    I love your last line, I wish I could PIN it to my pinterest board :)

    Have a happy day my new bloggy friend,
    Kerry xx