August 17, 2011

Day 16- Crazy Times With My Best Friend

Today's question is, "Who do you do the craziest things with?"

That answer is so easy!  And I've answered it once before in a random question post.  So here it is again.

What is something crazy you've done with your best friend?

One time, when she was living in San Luis Obispo, Allen and I took the girls to visit. We flew to San Diego where my sister was living and then the six of us (yes, we just had three kids at the time) drove up one Saturday morning. Sunday afternoon we decided the guys would watch all the kids and us ladies would do some girlie stuff. We went shopping and stopped by the See's candy shop.

Then my sister said, "So and So said if we are coming to Morro Bay then we MUST go see the Madonna Inn... especially, the bathrooms." Well, we weren't exactly sure what could be so special about a bathroom, particularly a public restroom, but who could resist that???

Katrina knew just where it was so we headed that way. We walked into the gaudy pink and red restaurant with tufted sofas, instead of chairs, pushed up to the round tables. For a moment we just stood and looked around in amazement. When the Maitre d asked us how many for dinner we said, "Oh, we are just looking." Then we kept walking straight through trying to find a sign for the restrooms.

We made our way to a door marked for the ladies and were dumbfounded at the elaborate decor inside. We weren't in the McDonald's restroom, that was for sure! We figured since we went to all the trouble of going there, we might as well stick around a while and fix our lipstick and freshen up. That's when someone said, "What do you think the men's room looks like?"

You can probably guess that it was about two minutes before the three of us dashed across the hall, checked to make sure the coast was clear and made our way into that male den. Which about describes what it looked like. If you want to know more, in order to preserve my dignity, you will have to make a visit of your own. You can read more about the Inn here.

I am joining Toni in her get to know fellow blogger challenge "30 Days All About Me"

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  1. I live in Santa Barbara. My parents say I was there as a kid but I don't remember it at all. I really have to go one day!