August 9, 2011

Day 8-Something I Hate

I hate... whiny kids, whiny parents, whiny people.  Make a change and stop annoying the world around you with your complaints.

I hate... a half finished job or a job done less than the best a person can do it.  "If it is worth doing it, it's worth doing right."

I hate... clutter!  I seriously can not function with clutter around.

I hate... sleeping in.  My day is always better when I get up early.  Which means my family has a better day, too.

I hate... when people say, "I need to this or that... fill in the blank..." but never get around to it.  If you know you need to lose 30 pounds, stop eating a whole plate of dessert every night.  If you know you need to be in the Word more, open your Bible and read it.

I hate... snakes, mice and rats.  Yuck!

I hate... stink bugs... if I ever find the person responsible for invading my gardens with these critters, may the good Lord be with them!

I hate... overcooked meat.  It's already dead, you don't need to incinerate it.

Again, I am joining Toni in her 30 Days About Me... challenge.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the first 5! I could have written that myself, especially the "need" thing. We "need" food, water and shelter. Everything else is a bonus.

  2. #1 is sooo true! Don't complain, God is in control!

  3. could not agree more with you! I actually agree on everything you said (which is hard for me to completely agree with someone) but you nailed it! the Whiny kids, agreed; the go ahead and get something done, agreed; the losing weight, agreed!

  4. I could not agree with you more on the half finished job one.

    This is a struggle that I have with my significant other on a daily basis! He seems like a little kid, children do that.

  5. oh whiners!!!!!!they drive me CRAZY!! great list :)

    Kerry via 30 Days x

  6. I agree with the whiny ones. Get out and do something about it. Life is too short to sit around and mope about it.

    Good post.


  7. Looks like you hit the nail on the head with whining...laughing...because I agree. Seriously...don't you think whining people really can't stand to be around themselves either?

  8. yup, half finished jobs drive me crazy! not sure if it's the half done job or that fact that it's always my hubby that makes me want to pull my hair out, haha : )

  9. BUT WHYYYYYYYYYYY do you hate whiners? *snickering as you throw something at my head*. I am with you on your hates. Great list

  10. I agree about half-finished or poorly done jobs. My mom and I work with two girls (one who does everything poorly and one who never finishes anything) and they are awful to work with!