August 10, 2011

Day 9-Something That Makes My Life Easier

The Word.  In it I find every answer I need for this life and the next.

Prayer.  I can not imagine going through life without the ability to speak to God whenever I want.  Where ever I happen to be.  About anything I want.

My Girls.  These ladies are so helpful by offering a hand with whatever I happen to be doing.  Cleaning.  Cooking.  Sewing.  A special project.  They keep me company.  They offer me a source of laughter.  Joy.  Insight.  They teach me many lessons along life's way.  I am so blessed to find my best buddies right here beside me every day.  

My Hubby.  Not only can he do anything and fix anything... not only does he help me with shopping, cooking, cleaning, kids, school, whatever may be overflowing on my plate at the time... He roots me.  Keeps me steady.  Keeps me focused on what's important when I want to zero in on a little detail that doesn't really have much eternal impact.  He is my best friend and my compass.  He sure makes life easier.
I can't imagine why, but I sure am glad the Lord has decided to bless me with these helps along the often difficult way of this life's journey.

Again, I am joining Toni in her 30 Days About Me... challenge.


  1. Such a gorgeous family! I thought I would come across the Bible in one of these posts :) Great choices xx

  2. Okay I like your answers better than mine so I am pretending this is my list....well with my hubby's picture instead LOL. Wonderful answers those things definitely make my life easier too.

  3. Great post. We are truly blessed women to be surrounded by such amazing families...


  4. Great pics. So glad to see someone else put their hubby too.

  5. Isn't it nice to feel so blessed?!!

  6. You look like you have an amazing family. Your daughters are beautiful :)