August 10, 2011


Amazon shoppers can get some great prices on diapers delivered right to your door if you sign up to be a mom's club member. I know this because my hubby is one.  Not a diaper.  A mom's club member.  You all know I don't do the shopping business.  Check it out.  I was surprised that their name brand diapers are cheaper than the generic diapers at Walmart and Target.  

The only down side is they don't have preemie diapers.  But now that Carmella is growing up, she has graduated to newborn sized pampers.  

The girls and I were a little teary to realize how big she is getting already.  I know, she is smaller than many newborns, but she is still two wonderful healthy pounds bigger than when we brought her home a month ago. 

So we took a picture of her little diapers.  And put one in her memory box.

She is at that awkward size when the preemie diapers are too small and the newborn diapers are too big.  Look how you have to overlap the tabs to get these suckers to wrap around her.  Cute, eh?  This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago so they fit a little better, but not much.  

Allen was so excited to try out his newest bargain.  Sure enough right to our door came a big box of Huggies with her name written all over it.  When I saw that box I had a flashback to last September.  If you don't remember you can click over here.  Which, once again, reminded me of how much can change in such a short time.

Some people can go on and on about how much they hate changing diapers.  But I don't mind it at all.  When I think of changing diapers I think of all the little songs we sang and poems we recited in the process.  Winnie and I sing Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee with every diaper change.  Elisabeth LOVED for me to recite "The Sugar Plum Tree."  Emma had her very own made up song, "The Emma Rose of Texas."  No, she has never been to Texas but there you have it.

We have had some interesting experiences with diaper changing.  After three daughters, it took some practice before we could change Nathaniel's diapers without getting wet.  I have a friend who had three boys.  She was visiting one evening when he was about a week old.  As we chatted and I changed his diaper we both got a shower.  That's when she clued me in to the secrets of diapering a little boy without a raincoat.  

In our early days, diapering took a lot of time and concentration and could often be a big production.  But now, we hardly think about it.  In fact, we can practically change diapers with our eyes closed.  

When Samuel was a baby, he used to go along on our date nights with us.  One evening, we were happily enjoying a movie when the need for a quick diaper change arose.  

We didn't want to miss the end of this great flick.  And we were the only ones in the theater so we didn't need to worry about offending someone else.  We did what any well seasoned parents of five who had paid $20 bucks for a movie and $40 for a sitter would do... We changed him right there.  It was the kind of diaper that requires a change of clothes, too.  So we did need a little light.  My ever brilliant husband pulled out his cell phone and there by the light of a cell phone, in a dark movie theater, we changed and practically bathed (with wipes), the kid.  He is not too scarred for the matter, either.  

These skills are definitely highly under appreciated.  But they sure do come in handy.  We've changed diapers in just about every unlikely place you can imagine.  And we can do it discretely, too.  

Last Sunday, for example.  Our church rented a local school for a special service we were hosting.  We usually try to find a seat near the exit in case someone needs to slip out to potty a little one or change a diaper or feed the baby.  There were no such seats available when we arrived.  So here we are in the middle of the sermon and Winnie needed a change.  In order to get out, we would have had to walk half way across the auditorium and then towards the doors which were beside the stage where our guest speaker was talking.  

On a wooden floor.  Which would have made a lot of noise and disturbed everyone.  And even then, I am not sure where we would have changed her, since Middle schools don't boast great changing stations.  

We went for option 2.  We were in the back row with only our family on either side of us so...  Allen laid her on his lap and took care of business.  No one noticed.  Everyone was happy, especially Winnie, and best of all we didn't interrupt a soul. 
So there is one more fun little tidbit we will add to our parenting hall of "I can't wait until your wedding day" fame.

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