August 15, 2011

Howdy, Partners!

Vacation Bible School this year was a Western Theme. Everyone had a job to do each night, but the first one was assembling costumes.  Our gang sure had fun putting this one together.  I about died laughing watching the boys practice swaggering like cowboys.  Those of you who are I Love Lucy Fans can just recall that episode to get an idea.  I think they put together some fun outfits.

The Cowboys
The Fellows
And My Tough Looking Gang
Kaitlin and Emma Rose working at the registration tables.
Brianna was a teacher's helper... she tells us that boiled down to running kids to the bathroom all night.  Her record was six at one time.  She suggested banning snacks at VBS in the future.  
Allen and the boys were in charge of counting money from the coin march.  
 All those math skills going to real use.
 I hear they do a good job, too!
 Our director said they finished before the other team every night.
Even though, Elisabeth and I stayed home with Winnie, the girls still had to dress up like the big kids.
Of course, Winnie, too!
I was trying to think of something fun to do.  I thought we might go visit some neighbors but that didn't work out well.  I asked her if she wanted to go get ice and half &half.  She was so excited.  So we went to the market.

Elisabeth was such a good sport about not being able to go with the family, so I tried to find more exciting things to do the other evenings.

One night she wanted to play in the tower.  First we played Princess in the tower.
 And then we played princess dolls in the tower.
 And we read Jeremy the Honest Bunny, again.  We have loved this book through many little ones.  If you have not enjoyed this Jan Karon delight, do yourself a favor and read it.
 After, which, we had to make some English Bunny for breakfast.  (She insists that English Rabbit is really called English bunny.  And for those who don't know... don't worry, there is no actual bunny in English bunny.  I don't know why they call it that, but it is toast with cheese sauce on top.)
  And me and my girl hanging out with a thousand mosquitoes in the tower.
  One night we took a nice long walk while we sang a few songs.  Then we colored and had a soak in the tub.
 Another evening, after our walk, our neighbors stopped by for a visit.  
But Ellie's favorite night, by far, was Friday when we went to Bible School with the others.  Look how excited she is!
She watched the others do their work.
And then got to sit in on the lesson.
While Pa worked out the totals.
And then it was time for the carnival.  Kaitlin worked at the refreshment table.
While Ellie hopped from game to game.
The moon bounce was her very favorite of all.
Brianna was called on to help with the face painting.
And the boys enjoyed visiting with their buddy.  When I looked over and saw them all sitting on the hill eating popcorn, I could imagine them on the Western Frontier.
This is our amazing director.  Brother Bob has done VBS for something like 15 years.  He does such a great job!  He is so creative and is good at getting everyone excited about what they are doing.
Elisabeth thought the ring toss was pretty neat.  She tried to toss but could not quite reach her mark.
Mrs. B. told her she could get a little closer.
So she got closer and closer... 
... until finally she just walked right up and stuck the rings on the pegs.
Everyone had so much fun and the kids were thrilled to be part of spreading the Gospel to so many children who have never heard it before.  They were also tickled to be part of sending the contributions from the coin march to missionaries in Africa.

It was a busy and exhausting week, though.  Dinner was not until 9 or 10 several nights and bedtimes were even later.

And it showed.
Friday night, Samuel fell asleep at the dinner table.  Today, I praise the Lord for His work and happy little workers to carry it out.

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  1. very fun! our church did a cafe theme for VBS this year. order up! :)